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Dualism and Worldview

Substance dualism is the idea that a soul (non-physical substance) exists and that it is related to the body (physical substance), though still different (Moreland & Rae, 2009). Substance dualism argues that, at the very least, the non-physical substance will endure through time, as opposed to the no-subject view, which...

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Do as you will just don’t harm others

Some believe that it is reasonable for people to do what they want provided they don’t harm anyone. Yet the statement itself has several flaws that make this idea problematic. The problems lie in the assumptions the statement is based on as well as definitional difficulties. The most obvious argument...

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Is Man A Rational Or Irrational Animal?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, rational means based on logic or reason. An expanded definition of rationality considers two elements: that which is true and that which should be done. Rationality is defined in terms of evidence and the subjective attainment of goals. That is to mean that in order...

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Perception versus Reality

The idea of perception versus reality remain critical concepts with regards to the search for truth. Oftentimes, an individual may believe that what he or she perceives is also reality. However, since this is only the perception of the individual, it may actual be false and not reflect the reality...

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Knowledge and Reality

The exact relationship between knowledge and reality is often the subject of philosophical thought and speculation. In particular, several philosophers question how it may be that we are able to understand the world in which we exist as being “real” or as existing in anyway outside of our perception and...

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