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Leadership Philosophy

Leadership philosophies not only guide the manner in which the leader interacts with the followers but also serve to determine the manner in which the followers will interact with the leader as well as with one another. In other words, in order to achieve the desired outcomes and to create...

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Introduction to Philosophy

The study of philosophy is an inquiry into the foundations of our existence. In this sense, the value of philosophy lies in the human being reflecting on the world around him or her. This reflection, clearly, has a deep practical value, to the extent that by thinking about the world...

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Developing A Philosophy Of Nursing

Personal philosophies are essentially the corner posts of professional and career success in any working field. Being a practicum nurse, there are various referencing ideologies that I have put in place to ensure that my underlying nursing activities are consequently a success. To begin with, I always believe in the...

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Teaching Philosophy: Paper Sample

In order to teach nursing, one must reflect and understand one’s own personal teaching philosophy, that which arises from the motivation and inspiration both to become a nurse and to teach others to become a nurse. While teaching can of course benefit from the understanding and mastery of techniques and...

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My Philosophy of Nursing

I think that most of us prospective nurses chose the profession for similar reasons. Whether it be the desire of helping others or being an advocate for health and wellbeing. Me, I consider nursing is calling, and I feel drawn forth by it, compelling me to help those who need...

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