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Collision of Two Philosophic Views of Science: Kuhn versus Popper

Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper are considered two major figures of the philosophy of science in the 20th century. Several ideas of Kuhn and Popper made it into the realm of the mainstream culture and now are amid those few concepts from the field of philosophy of science that are...

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Explain Kierkegaard’s Stages of Life to Three to Five Friends and Colleagues

Kierkegaard’s theory consists of three stages of life featuring a pursuit to one’s true-self, namely: the aesthetic, the ethical, and the religious. The best friend of mine, aged 25, is on Kierkegaard’s aesthetic stage as he is entirely focused on hedonic needs and strives for earthly pleasures. This way, John...

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Coaching Philosophy

Coaches are a part of every aspect of life, from childhood to professionals, coaches are there to fill a vital role in society. A coach’s personal philosophy influences not only their interaction with their team but also how well the team learns from their leader. It is safe to say...

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Philosophy Essay

According to Kant, the propositions concerning morality can work if the primary principle of morality is comprised of the categorical imperative. The dialog map for this essay is that morality and categorical imperative significantly relates with each other because morality is founded on categorical imperative. To understand how this principle...

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Philosophical Arguments

The following arguments are from modern day philosophers who have made controversial statements in defense of their positions on some of the most celebrated philosophers in history. However, these modern day philosophers have made it a point to support their arguments and stay true in what they believe in philosophical...

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