Over the past several decades, there has been increased sporting activity at Phoenix and its environs. Phoenix is one of the major rapidly growing cities in the United States. The increase can be attributed to the growing population of youths and the increased popularity of sports. There is also a growing culture at Phoenix that sports give people healthy lifestyles by reducing their calories. The discussion in this paper will focus on the major metro area sports facilities at Phoenix, with an emphasis on parks and recreation centers.
Phoenix Parks
Phoenix parks provides an enclosed area where people can engage in many sporting activities such as basketball, soccer, footballs for the youths. Phoenix parks facilities have also provided the adult generation with a recreation opportunity in form of a field for playing adult softball, basketball, tennis, and other sporting activities (Long, 2012). Phoenix parks were developed many decades ago and this means that they have been able to attract amateur athletes from all corners of the worlds. Phoenix athletics fields are popularly known for their good conditions and equipment that greatly facilitate sporting activities.

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Phoenix Fields
In terms of sporting activities, Phoenix is recognized as one of the most vibrant cities in the U.S. and across the globe. This has greatly impacted Phoenix’s likeability in the sporting arena and attracted many sportsmen and women over the years. The fields are designed to help athletes in achieving their dreams of being the best they want to be. The fields are also under good management. When in need of space for a sporting event, athletes and their affiliated companies can easily book their space by calling the management and asking for reservations. At phoenix, the field facilities are categorized into three major categories. First category is the individual/family team, where family members can simply make a call and book for reservations (Long, 2012). The second category is the Multi-team organization, where an organization is given an opportunity to reserve a space for its staffs for recreation services. The third category is the tournament organizers, where a large organization such as the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is given an opportunity to reserve the field and its facilities for a tournament event.

Phoenix Sports Houses and Hotels
The truth of the matter is that Phoenix has been attracting many athletes and supporters to the city every year. The management of the city has continuously cared for the needs of the people by coming up with modern phoenix sport houses and hotels. These building facilities cater for the needs of the athletes and supports by providing them with a place to keep their belongings and a place to take a rest and relax their bodies and mind (Noll, & Zimbalist, 2011). The sports houses come with fully equipped rooms, where the athletes and their supporters can spend the night waiting for the next sporting day. The rooms are equipped with all electronic gadgets that the athletes may need for entertainment such as TV screens, computers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The houses are also equipped with gym facilities where the athletes can go for additional training or for relaxing their minds.

Effects of Mega Sports Events on the City of Phoenix
At the global front, Phoenix has played a significant role in promoting sports. This has been done through increased promotion of sporting activities and the provision of modern sporting equipment. This is probably the reason why Phoenix has remained a good destination for mega sports events such as the College Football Championship and NCAA Final Four (Maki, 2017). In return, Phoenix city has benefitted for being a leader in sports. One of the major ways that the city as benefitted is through increased revenues. The city provides its facilities at a fee and an increase in the number of athletes and sporting activities coming to the city means an increase in revenue for the city’s administration.
The second way that the city benefits by hosting sports events is through increased development. Increased revenues from the increased sporting activities mean that the city’s administration has a lot more money to spend on development. With good management of the generated revenues, the city’s management team has been able to build modern sports structures (Rappaport, & Wilkerson, 2001). The increased revenues have also been used in acquiring modern sports equipment thus improving Phoenix’s likeability when it comes to matters related to sports. The third way that the city has befitted is through increased innovation. The fact that the city attracts many athletes from all over the world means that it must provide up to date facilities and sports equipment. This has led to increased innovation as the administration continues to look for innovative ways to meet the needs of the athletes.

Revitalization through Sports Events
Sporting events at Phoenix have played a key role in revitalizing the culture of the city. Through sports events, the city attracts many people from diverse cultures and traditions. These people bring along their cultures and traditions, thus making Phoenix a place of diverse cultures. The sporting events have also revitalized the reputation of Phoenix City. For the first time, Phoenix is now known as a great destination for sports, all thanks to its modern sport facilities (Long, 2012). The city’s administration has also done a decent job in promoting Phoenix as a good destination for sporting events. If increased investment in sporting activities continue, Phoenix will in no doubt be the global sports hub of the future.

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