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KODAK Industry Analysis and SWOT

SPI (2011) notes that Eastman Kodak Company, or Kodak, is an imaging solutions provider. The company offers many strengths; these include the brand name. Kodak is well-known in the imaging technology industry. Kodak offers photographic a graphic communication products and is well-established in this market having offered products for many...

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Public Eye

Though we are accustomed to treat language as the priority means of communication, it is well-known that people perceive most of information through their eyes. Indeed, a single image can often be more effective than a hundred of words. For this reason, photography is extremely important in social media as...

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The Influence of Photography on the Development of Modern Art

In 1839, the daguerreotype became a publicly available process. As the new technology developed, it allowed very accurate and precise scenes to be captured. For example, photography provided unique perspectives, greater detail, blurring, and other light effects which caused photographs to look different from paintings, even the most realistic paintings...

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What Do The Photos We Take Say About Us

Photography is necessary for every individual as it helps freeze moments of our lives that pass unremarkably and might not be paramount to us at the moment. Taking pictures is thus necessary for everyone, and the current generation has made it easier through the introduction of smartphones and smart cameras...

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Photographs and Other Visual Media

Technological development has changed many fields including communication. Nowadays, individuals are using visual media including photographs and films increasingly to communicate. The use of these types of media confers numerous advantages; it is, however, not devoid of challenges. Visual media has greatly enhanced the communication sector. First, visual media get...

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