In the modern world, plastic surgery has turned out as a popular procedure for people to fit in their culture, gender, and feeling confidence about their appearance. The practice of plastic surgery has put a lot of pressure for the individual to resemble models and to be accepted in the society. Surgeons have discovered that some patients are turning to plastic surgery as a way to boost their self-esteem. In addition, plastic surgery can be used to correct physical abnormalities and to improve the appearance of an individual. However, one of the apparent adverse effects of the practice is that it involves complications and might cause death. Plastic surgery is a corrective practice that can be used for personal beauty or medical reasons resulting in an escalation in the number of individuals who have undertaken the operation. In the episode titled “The Eye of the Beholder,” people might judge a person based on her looks but what matters is what the beholder thinks of themselves.

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In the Twilight Zone, short film, “Eyes of the Beholder” is an episode, which the director portrays how beauty and acceptance are demonstrated in the world. Besides, the director describes Mrs. Tyler as a woman with a deformed face that makes her an outcast for all her lifetime. She now faces a final operation as a chance to appear normal through an assistance of surgeons. It is evident from the film that the bandaged woman craves to look normal and more beautiful to the other individuals. In some instances, she is haunted by a memory of a child who screams based on her deformed appearance.

Mrs. Tyler in the movie does not only want to appear beautiful but also be accepted in the society. She had been taken to a disability camp denying her a chance of being accepted by other people. In the movie, it is interesting to see how people were separated from the rest of the community member due to their different physical appearance. The practice is a metaphor of the tremendous discrimination that exists in the society (Dittmann 30). In my opinion, the episode shows how different people perceives beauty. The voice in the background keeps echoing that individuals must have a single approach to other people.

In the film, Mrs. Tyler refers to the kind of darkness that she lives in for all her lifetime. The woman states that “I have been living in darkness my whole life.” She experiences spiritual and emotional darkness, and she appears as an outcast in the society. Mrs. Tyler says that “Ever since I remember, ever since I was a Lil girl and people would turn away from me” (Eyes of the beholder). The statement clearly shows of the difficulties that she faces in life for failing to accept her appearance.

Mrs. Tyler gets so much used of being despised by other individuals who have no any form of deformity. As a result, she finds it hard to figure out that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” because she cannot realize the beauty that she possesses. In the past, Mrs. Tyler had undergone so many injuries but still fails to understand that she is already beautiful. In the (Eye of the Beholder), she states that “This is my eleventh surgery doctor” although she is not able to get over the perception of how the society characterizes beauty. In my opinion, I believe that the woman should pay more attention to herself but not on what other people thinks of her. Although she is covered with bandages on her face, she does not have to allow the society to discriminate against her. She is supposed to think of herself being normal, and she could enjoy the beauty of life once she stops living in darkness.

In the episode titled “Eye of the Beholder,” the author tries to portray Mrs. Taylor as an unusual person. The main focus in the film was to show the kind of segregation that exist in the society just like in the “Twilight Zone.” The central theme in the narrative relates to the title with the old saying that “Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder” that is true. Mrs. Tyler had a responsibility to accept herself the way she is and live with individuals of her kind. Unfortunately, she had already been brainwashed to think that she was some hideous creature. In most instances, people might have wrong perceptions that beauty was abnormal. In the modern world, Mrs. Tyler is a normal person although, to the doctors, she was an unusual person (Dittmann 30). The theme of the movie stands true in that people might criticize other individuals based on their looks but what matters more is how a person thinks of themselves. If a person allows other persons to run their life and fails to live the way they want, they would waste years of a lifetime thinking about what other people say about them.

In conclusion, the setting of the film is that Mrs. Taylor is portrayed as being ugly and an individual who did not fit to live with the people around her. In one part of the film, she is in room 302 having been referred to as a patient. In the first appearance, the face of Mrs. Tyler is covered with bandages. She had been in the hospital for a while, and the doctors had tried out several remedies although none had worked out in a good way. In the entire clip, the audience thought that Mrs. Tyler was an ugly woman. When the doctors removed the bandages, I realized that she is beautiful and nothing was wrong with her face. In the movie, it is clear that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and depends on what an individual considers to be beautiful.

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