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Sylvia Plath’s Poem “DADDY” – An Analysis

Sylvia Plath has never directly stated that her poem “Daddy” is about her father, Otto Plath. In fact, in the months before her suicide, Plath had described the poem as being about, "a girl with an Electra complex [whose] father died while she thought he was God. Her case is...

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Ambivalence in “Mending Fences”

The best works of literature are those which present the reader with more than one interpretation. Often, they have more than one layer, one which stands out as obvious to the reader and one which can only be found at a deeper level. Many of Robert Frost’s poetry is like...

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William Blake’s “Jerusalem”: A Battle for Heaven on Earth

While politicians argue at the pulpit over which laws and policies are best for their respective countries, or their own pocketbooks, poets and artists have been writing about utopian possibilities for centuries. William Blake, born in a time when religion had an even greater grasp on societal views than now,...

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Poem’s Essay

Poetry of Departures is a lyric poem by the famous Philip Larkin. Just as many other Larkin’s poems, Poetry of Departures contains some implications for fatalism, irreversibility, and loss. The poem is based on an opposition between two different concepts: a familiar and stable life and a new, reformed life....

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Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

In Robert Frost's poem, "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening," the person who is speaking is describing driving through the woods on a snowy evening and enjoying the beautiful scene and its silence and solitude. He describes the scenario and gives the impression that he would be content...

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