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The Crucible Play Analysis

In Henry Miller’s play The Crucible, the small Massachusetts community of Salem falls into ruin as it hunts and kills suspected witches. The spark that lit the fire and set the villagers against one another is mass accusations and cover-ups all in an effort to protect reputations. In the opening...

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“Sonnet Against Nuclear Weapons” Analysis

The title of Jane Miller’s poem “Sonnet Against Nuclear Weapons” gives the reader a clear impression as to what the content of the piece will address: the reader anticipates a polemic against the usage of nuclear arsenals in poetic form. However, when encountering the text itself, there appears to be...

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An Interpretation of “Days” by Billy Collins

Billy Collins, “the poet laureate of the United States, who lives in an antique farmhouse in Somers” (Foderaro, 2003) has been dubbed “the most popular poet in America” by the New York Times (Poetry Foundation, 2013). Of his many, many poems, perhaps one of the poems that resonates the most...

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Words by Anne Sexton

Speculating upon Sexton’s poem Words, it should be viewed as evoking a multitude of responses in readers; an American poet here puts a lot of effort into narrowing her attention on to a single focus – duality. In other words, the poem embodies itself as an excursus into why simple...

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