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“La Stanza Delle Mosche” Poem Commentary

Robertson’s “La Stanza Delle Mosche” conveys something of an entire world within a single space, and in a matter of thirteen lines. Nothing particularly dramatic is the subject. In fact, there is virtually no real event, feeling, or action of any overt meaning as the subject. It is instead a...

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A Story about the Body by Robert Hass

This brief prose poem by Robert Hass describes a painful interaction between a young man and an older woman, and the message that she leaves for him the following morning. The narrator is a young composer who is spending the summer at an artists’ colony. He becomes infatuated with an...

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There Was a Child Went Forth By Walt Whitman

There Was a Child Went Forth by Walt Whitman is very curious poem for analysis and interpretation due to its symbolic nature as well as to the abundance of stylistic devices that compose it. The poem tells us a story of personal becoming carefully listing all the factors that impact...

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Commentary on the Poem “Childhood” by Edwin Muir

Edwin Muir's “Childhood” is a short poem that still manages to capture the range of emotions which often grip children. It combines the dual realities of how a child will dream of going into adventures while still needing the security of home. This is a critical stage in life. The...

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The Fish

To begin, Bishop sets the tone for the entire piece by telling a story about a fish—not just any fish, but a “tremendous” fish. Especially with poetry, in which the substance of the piece is there as soon as it begins (contrasted with prose, where you usually have a little...

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