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Poem Analysis: “Lamia” by Keats

Why Study This Poem? Published in 1820, “Lamia” is not often included among Keats’ greatest poems, yet it is worthy of analysis nonetheless. Some have claimed that the poem lacks suspense and characters that are too uninteresting to garner widespread public attention, but I suggest that the message being conveyed...

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Sylvia Plath’s Daddy

Sylvia Plath wrote the poem, “Daddy” in reference to her father’s death and how she coped with her bereavement and feelings about the life her dad lived. The writer of the poem used symbolism to describe her father and her thoughts about him. The most prominent symbolism in the poem...

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Williams’ “Red Wheelbarrow”

On a first reading, the immediate striking quality of William Carlos Williams’ “Red Wheelbarrow” is the poet’s sparse and hyper-minimalistic style. The entire poem consists of four stanzas, each numbering only two lines, and each stanza containing only four words. This minimalism, however, seems appropriate considering the subject matter: Williams...

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The Road Not Taken

‘The Road Not Taken’ is a poem by Robert Frost which states that people come to make strategic decisions in life, and that at various points, the individual must be subject to fate. Understanding this poem requires the reader to understand the meaning of life, which the author helps the...

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How Poems about Fathers Impact Readers?

Poetry is a unique form of art that enables readers to feel the most complexed and nuanced emotions. Unlike the language of prose, the poetic language is expressive and relies more on various decorations (ReadWriteThink, 2008). To maximize the emotional impact on readers, poets use a broad set of literary...

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