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“Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “Sympathy” poem has a title which immediately reveals and invokes images of compassion and sorrow. The characters of the poem are a caged bird, Paul Laurence Dunbar, enslaved African Americans, and anyone being held against their will. The setting is one of a bird in a cage...

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Neoclassicism Characteristics

All great cultural eras, by virtue of their magnitude and the force of massive shifts in aesthetic considerations, are inevitably complex. Certainly, the minds and writers prominent in them choose to explore varying aspects of the arts, and this is true of the Neo-Classical period in Europe. At the same...

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The Bronze Horseman Analysis

After reading Alexander Pushkin’s poem “The Bronze Horseman,” it has become clear that the poet supported the historical path of Moscow rather than Petersburg. This idea is also based on the observation of Pushkin’s view of Moscow in his poem “Eugene Onegin.” Pushkin’s view of Petersburg in “The Bronze Horseman”...

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A View From the Bridge

Introduction In Act I of Arthur Miller’s play, A View From the Bridge, Eddie Carbone says to the lawyer, “The guy ain’t right, Mr. Alfieri.” The reference is to Beatrice’s cousin, Rodolpho, who has illegally come to Brooklyn (along with Marco, his married brother) to live with Beatrice, Eddie and...

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Song of Myself Theme

Though it is difficult to summarize all ideas that Whitman presents the reader in “Song of Myself,” there are main ideas that link together under a few unifying themes. Whitman discusses the important idea of the universality of all things, believing that there are similarities and connections between all things...

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