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Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55 Analysis

From the years 1593 to 1601, English poet and playwright William Shakespeare wrote a series of 154 sonnets. The sonnets were broken up into two sets, 126 of them were about an unnamed young man referred to as “Fair Youth” and the others were about whom Shakespeare referred to as...

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“The Raven” Literary Analysis Essay

Literature is a mirror of life. The different aspects of issues encountered in everyday lives are reflected and commented upon in literature. Literature therefore employs a range of versatile stylistic and literary devices to achieve this purpose. One such example of literary devices includes the use of symbols. Symbols represent...

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“God Went to Beauty School” and Humans Barely Even Go to Church…

In Cynthia Rylant’s poem, “God Went to Beauty School” (2013), there is a surface meaning that it is important to appreciate the little things in life, and not to take everything so seriously. This is not to say that the poem is contrary to God, but it is more to...

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Porphyria’s Lover

The poem is a dramatic monologue by Robert Browning. Notably, the poem revolves around the speaker and his fallen lover, Porphyria, who he just killed. To begin with, the poem accentuates the tumultuous weather of the previous night when he was expecting his lover to pay him a visit in...

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Poem Analysis “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop

The poem The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop is an example of poetic literature that is intended for raising ecological awareness of the reader. The narrator goes fishing, and the narration dwells on the situation that occurred on a specific day when she caught a big old fish and was reviewing...

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