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“Asparagus”: A Poem by Margaret Atwood

Introduction I am drawn to Margaret Atwood's “Asparagus” because I feel it reveals layers of dimension of life and humanity within a simple scene set between a man and a woman. The poem is strikingly modern in style and tone; there is description, but it is not at all excessive,...

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An Analysis of The Raven

This poem is reticent of Edgar Allen Poe’s dark sinister mode of writing he is well known for. The setting of this poem is the speaker’s chamber, or bedroom, at midnight. The first person narrator is a man who is distraught over the death of his beloved, Lenore. He is...

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Critical Analysis of William Faulkner

William Faulkner is one of the authors who have gained the most attention in the literature world. The attention has taken various firms such as the critical analysis of the author, the criticism of his work and the biography of the author. More and more books are written which tend...

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Modernist Imagery – Lowell’s Madonna of the Evening Flowers

In Lowell’s Madonna of the Evening Flowers, one of the most prominent techniques used is that of “the thing.” The imagery of physical objects takes priority; both used as a substitute for the subject “you” of the poem, and as a reference point by which to describe them. The most...

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An Essay on Having a Coke with You by Frank O’Hara

Poets are capable of expressing their feelings to the people because of their ability to choose words and utilize diverse styles when writing poems. In fact, they ensure that the words that are used convey the intended message to the right audience. Although some of them may choose to use...

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