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Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes: The Divergent Poetic Voice

When we think of Emily Dickinson we think of a poetic voice filled with constrained romanticism. Dickinson, influenced by the metaphysical poets of 17th century England as well as her own unwavering strict Christian views, and worked in a limited cocoon of puritanical views that for all intents separated her...

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“Air Head” by Nathan Heller

Nathan Heller’s New Yorker piece, “Air Head,” combines the writer’s personal experiences with overall societal insights to produce a memorable, insightful, and elegant piece. In his article, Heller articulates a central problem, evidence, and argument to frame the article’s structure. The central problem, as defined by Heller, is the increasingly...

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Inherit the Wind

From the play, Brady is stuck in what the law and policies dictate and believes that the doctrines are profound and legitimate. On the other hand, Drummond does not take what comes at his table without questioning it. He believes in evolution of ideas and views. Drummond accommodates new thoughts...

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How Did Robert Frost Use Figurative Language in His Writing?

Robert Frost is among the greatest poets in history. Although his early upbringing was in the poultry farm, he embraced the beauty of nature and wrote numerous poems that earned him awards and accolades. In the majority of his poems, Frost wrote about personal and universal themes, such as decision-making,...

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A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive

Abstract A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive, by Dave Pelzer, is a harrowing story of a young boy who is cruelly physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused by his mentally ill, alcoholic mother in the 1960’s. As a tool towards understanding the human service professions, it is useful...

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