The article IBM Watson’s Shortcomings Investigated in STAT Report is published in the online Health Informatics Magazine. The article focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) program named Watson in healthcare. Watson helps physicians to identify primary information in a given patient’s medical record to determine possible variations of care (Leventhal, 2017). The AI program suggests the best cancer treatment options with a basis of the patient information. This article is related to my career path, which is primarily in the healthcare industry.
The article focuses on the healthcare and information technology industries. Furthermore, the article emphasizes on Watson as a business-driven technology and how it was set to transform healthcare. However, looking at the AI program from a healthcare perspective, it has failed to achieve its purpose, even though a lot of labor and funding was directed towards its implementation. According to specialist healthcare providers in foreign countries, the program seems to focus on patient profiles and intervention methods applicable in the United States. Besides, the incompatible nature of the program when used in foreign countries makes it a non-universal tool for developing global healthcare delivery (Leventhal, 2017). The article shines a negative light upon the use of this business-driven technology in identifying illness and suggesting the best variations of health care that need an implementation to achieve its goal. According to physicians, the program does not generate any new variations of healthcare to be implemented in clinical situations involving cancer problems (Leventhal, 2017).

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The article does not enhance the society, but the industry; mainly since the use of AI programs in healthcare transforms the way it’s delivered (Leventhal, 2017). The article is applied in IBM’s daily activities as a tool of advice on areas of improvement based on customer feedback. For instance, IBM will use the information provided in the article to enhance the AI program and increase its overall usability. I do agree that Watson’s implementation did not achieve what its goal in the manual process of delivering quality care to cancer patients.

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