The Gallery attended was the John B Davis Gallery. The exhibit by was by Stacy Barker; the work was called “Poky”. The work was a two dimensional painted piece of art that was about 2 feet wide by 4 feet high. The painting was abstract; it depicted a real parrot but illustrated the parrot in a setting that was not natural. That is the painter aimed to juxtapose the parrot with a surreal surrounding. The major subject of the piece is a parrot called “Poky”, the words Poky is writing above the parrot. The parrot has a kaleidoscope type background with a jar below labeled “the smile capital”. The work is roughly proportional as the jar and the parrot are proportional to each other. The rest of the work, the background and labels are not proportional in any sense. The focal point of the piece is the colorful parrot and the colorful background which is supposed to have a happy or smiley feeling. The purpose and function of the piece is to illustrate abstract of juxtaposed objects together. The picture illustrates a confusing idea. What does a parrot named Poky have to do with a jar and the idea of the smile capital? It is not my sense that there is a real answer that the artist was going for. Rather the artist was just portraying a surreal scene to make the viewer appreciate the colors and consider what the possible meaning could be. That is to say I believe the artist knew that there could be no real meaning attached. Yet the purpose was to make the viewer strain to try and put the ideas together. For me any way this did not really go anywhere, the parrot and the jar had not real connection. Furthermore the written text and the colorful background did not connect in any meaningful way. Thus the purpose of the piece was to make the viewer think hard about the seemingly unrelated concepts. Thus the person viewing might have some insight into how the brain perceives the array of visual things that a person might encounter in our modern world.

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