The accident’s case number is 12. It occurred on February 2007 at 22:51. Moreover, the accident killed one passenger. The accident involves two cars and takes place at the southbound lanes of the north or south division roadway. Because of the dry weather, the straight road, the grassy median road separation, and the normal traffic flow, the conditions of the road are conducive for a fast drive. Although the accident happens in the late evening, the speed limit of 56 kilometers per hour fails to ensure the safety of motorists.

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The cars include a 1995 Lexus LS400 and a 1998 Mitsubishi Diamante (“NMVCCS Case Viewer – Caseid:2007009276170”). While the Mitsubishi Diamante had five occupants, the Lexus model had one. The Lexus was headed north and the Mitsubishi south. The driver of the Lexus is a 45-year-old man. Since the driver travels at a high speed, he loses control of the vehicle. Consequently, the vehicle switches lanes from the northbound lane, hits the median and enters the southbound lane. The Lexus enters the path of the Mitsubishis and the vehicles crash head-on. Hence, the vehicles crash and land on the second lane of the southbound lane at the impact point. Because of the damage, the accidents cause the cars to tow.

The Lexus driver experiences minor injuries and further contact to interview the driver is unsuccessful. However, the police accident report shows that he driver was under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, the report shows that the driver has a history of traffic violations. Furthermore, the report quotes a witness message that illustrates that the driver was at high speed and careless in the use of road lanes. The driver’s Critical Pre-Crash Occasion shows that the driver lost control of the vehicle as a result of high speed for the conditions. Due to the high alcohol content in the driver’s system, the Critical accident factor is the aggressive driving. Besides, the accidents related factors consist of the vehicle’s speed, and the driver’s drunk condition. Furthermore, the vehicle encroaches from the opposite direction that is the left lane to the rightful lane of the Mitsubishi.

The driver of the Mitsubishi, a 42-year-old woman, suffers minor injuries. Moreover, her fellow four passengers suffer injuries. The driver’s daughter, a 12-year-old child who occupies the second row right seat prior to the accident, dies from her injuries. However, the other three passengers do not suffer major injuries and leave the hospital shortly on admission. The driver communicates her view of the accident to police and her lawyer. However, the Critical Reason segment does not code any details for the vehicle. Moreover, the Mitsubishi does not involve associated factor that affect the accident.

In conclusion, the accident of February 2007 involves a Lexus and a Mitsubishi. The two drivers are adults of between 40 to 45 years old. However, the driver of the Lexus car drives aggressively and loses control of the vehicle. He changes the lane from the northbound to the left lane of the southbound lane. Although the weather conditions are favorable, the driver is drunk and careless. Conversely, the Mitsubishi driver, an adult woman, travels with four other passengers. The pre-crash report shows that she attempts to maneuver to avoid the accident. However, the accident occurs and kills her daughter who seats at the second row at the right seat. Both drivers and the passengers except the daughter suffer minor injuries. Because of the prior-accident assessments and the review of the human factors, the report shows that the Lexus driver is to blame for the accident. While the Lexus driver is under the influence of alcohol, he drives at a speed that is beyond the limits. Conversely, the Mitsubishi driver is on the right lane and experiences longitudinal skids on impact.