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Police Brutality

Problem-Oriented Policing

The traditional model of policing is reactive and incident driven. Problem-oriented policing (POP) attracted significant attention as a possible more effective approach to protecting individuals and communities by looking at the relationships between cases and incidents, and resolving the causes in a more comprehensive matter than just closing an isolated...

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Analyzing Unethical Behaviors

In January 2011, three Kansas City SWAT officers engaged in an appallingly unethical and unprofessional act. According to the allegations brought against these officers, the men served a warrant on a home in an effort to retrieve a stolen X-Box. However, as it appears, the officers used this warrant as...

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Police Ethics

Police subculture plays a critical role in influencing misconduct. The dominant behaviors present in the department’s police subculture helps to inform officers as to which behaviors are acceptable. Moore (2012) further concurs in arguing police subculture involves a group of “officers who share a perspective about life on the beat,...

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Social Control Theory

This paper examines several different articles from a variety of sources, time periods and countries to examine how social control theory plays a role in explaining the acceptance, justification and incidence of police misconduct and abuse. The articles do not directly address their topics from a perspective of social control...

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Foundations of the Development and Functions of Police

The role of police has changed over the past decade from one where political entities are in control of the duties of the police to one where the emphasis is on the needs of the community. As the control mechanisms have shifted, so have the duties and roles of the...

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The Pitfalls of Stop-and-Frisk

The New York Police Department (NYPD) as far back as the 1960s has applied the “stop-question-and-frisk” program, more popularly known as “stop-and-frisk” (Weisburd et al. 2014). “Stop-and-frisk” refers to a police practice in which a police officer might stop a motorist or a pedestrian under suspicions of unlawful possession of...

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Stop and Frisk

With the advent of all the recent police shootings, the concept of ‘stop and frisk’ is under as much scrutiny as ever. One of the seminal cases in this regard, remains the Federal District of New York decision known as Floyd v. City of New York, in which the Court...

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A Lack of Ethics

Police officers are held to a higher standard than the general public. They should be above reproach as they should not even attempt to live above the laws that they have sworn to uphold. When an officer exhibits signs of unethical behavior in any case, they are putting themselves above...

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African American Communities: Law Enforcement Needs to Know

Demographics The African American community consists of one of the largest minority groups in America, with a population of 42 million. This consists of 13.6% of the entire American population. More than 50% of African Americans live in the urban, city center areas. The population concentration of African Americans in...

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Police Body Cam Policy Analysis

The introduction of policies concerning the use of cameras by police has developed into a controversial quagmire of citizens’ personal and legal rights versus the police ability to perform their duty in what often amounts to problematic situations. Myriad incidents over the past several years have citizens and policymakers questioning...

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Police Stress

Everybody experiences stress on the job sometimes – the pressure of deadlines, of performing well and meeting (if not passing!) expectations, and balancing work/life can sometimes be difficult to manage. However, the types of stressors undoubtedly vary from profession to profession, and even workplace to workplace. However, the stressors experienced...

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How Far Should Police Go To Get a Confession?

Confessions are some of the strongest forms of evidence that one can bring to a court of law as they possess compelling weight. Therefore, one is likely to make a conviction based on the confessions. Eliciting a confession for presentation in a court of law is indeed one of the...

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Police Bias and Brutality

Police brutality is a major problem in the United States. Overuse of force has rocked many communities to this point, with protests breaking out around the country from Missouri to New York City to Charlotte and many places in-between. In fact, an entire movement has popped up around stopping overuse...

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Defective or Deficient Police Areas

In recent years, police departments have come up against many serious allegations, especially in regard to violating citizens’ civil and constitutional rights, policy abuse and brutality. In many of these areas, police have been found to be deficient and ineffective. For instance, Baltimore riots erupted this year after police officers...

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Police Discretion

The Michael Slager shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina brings to light many issues related to discretion. Police officers are given discretion in a number of ways. First, they have discretion on who they pull over and who they do not. While it might seem logical that an officer...

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Police Liability

Police liability is a serious consideration for all who protect and serve. Specifically, the doctrines of duty of care, failure to protect, and the laws covering vehicular pursuits can lead a police officer or police department straight to court in a legal or civil liability case. The responsibility of the...

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Police Conduct

Ethical dilemmas are extremely common in law enforcement. Even though lawmakers may strive for precision when wording the laws, issues are not always black and white; there is a great deal of gray as well. In order for a police officer to act appropriately when confronted with an ethical dilemma,...

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Ethnicity and Police

The issue of ethnicity and racial biases by police through traffic stops, arrests and searches has raised different controversies in the United States of America for more than ten years. The controversies have raised concern seeing that; a large number of American citizens tend to believe that the police treatment...

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Non-Lethal Force

Determining which types of nonlethal force police officers should have access to is a difficult decision. In assessing the various types of nonlethal force made available to police officers, I would outfit my officers with tasers and ASPs. Tasers allow police officers to use nonlethal force in order to control...

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The Case Of Darren Wilson

The decision by the grand jury not to indict Fergusson Police Officer Darren Wilson in connection with the shooting of Michael Brown sparked widespread demonstration across several US cities including Ferguson, in Missouri. The riots could have been prevented by taking into consideration various factors that touched the community that...

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