Samples "Police Brutality"

Police Brutality

Problem-Oriented Policing

The traditional model of policing is reactive and incident driven. Problem-oriented policing (POP) attracted significant attention as a possible more effective approach to protecting individuals and communities by looking at the relationships between cases and incidents, and resolving the causes in a more comprehensive matter than just closing an isolated...

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Analyzing Unethical Behaviors

In January 2011, three Kansas City SWAT officers engaged in an appallingly unethical and unprofessional act. According to the allegations brought against these officers, the men served a warrant on a home in an effort to retrieve a stolen X-Box. However, as it appears, the officers used this warrant as...

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Police Ethics

Police subculture plays a critical role in influencing misconduct. The dominant behaviors present in the department’s police subculture helps to inform officers as to which behaviors are acceptable. Moore (2012) further concurs in arguing police subculture involves a group of “officers who share a perspective about life on the beat,...

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Social Control Theory

This paper examines several different articles from a variety of sources, time periods and countries to examine how social control theory plays a role in explaining the acceptance, justification and incidence of police misconduct and abuse. The articles do not directly address their topics from a perspective of social control...

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Foundations of the Development and Functions of Police

The role of police has changed over the past decade from one where political entities are in control of the duties of the police to one where the emphasis is on the needs of the community. As the control mechanisms have shifted, so have the duties and roles of the...

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