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Police Brutality

The Pitfalls of Stop-and-Frisk

The New York Police Department (NYPD) as far back as the 1960s has applied the “stop-question-and-frisk” program, more popularly known as “stop-and-frisk” (Weisburd et al. 2014). “Stop-and-frisk” refers to a police practice in which a police officer might stop a motorist or a pedestrian under suspicions of unlawful possession of...

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Stop and Frisk

With the advent of all the recent police shootings, the concept of ‘stop and frisk’ is under as much scrutiny as ever. One of the seminal cases in this regard, remains the Federal District of New York decision known as Floyd v. City of New York, in which the Court...

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A Lack of Ethics

Police officers are held to a higher standard than the general public. They should be above reproach as they should not even attempt to live above the laws that they have sworn to uphold. When an officer exhibits signs of unethical behavior in any case, they are putting themselves above...

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African American Communities: Law Enforcement Needs to Know

Demographics The African American community consists of one of the largest minority groups in America, with a population of 42 million. This consists of 13.6% of the entire American population. More than 50% of African Americans live in the urban, city center areas. The population concentration of African Americans in...

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Police Stress

Everybody experiences stress on the job sometimes – the pressure of deadlines, of performing well and meeting (if not passing!) expectations, and balancing work/life can sometimes be difficult to manage. However, the types of stressors undoubtedly vary from profession to profession, and even workplace to workplace. However, the stressors experienced...

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