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Police Brutality

Police Liability

Police liability is a serious consideration for all who protect and serve. Specifically, the doctrines of duty of care, failure to protect, and the laws covering vehicular pursuits can lead a police officer or police department straight to court in a legal or civil liability case. The responsibility of the...

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Police Conduct

Ethical dilemmas are extremely common in law enforcement. Even though lawmakers may strive for precision when wording the laws, issues are not always black and white; there is a great deal of gray as well. In order for a police officer to act appropriately when confronted with an ethical dilemma,...

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Ethnicity and Police

The issue of ethnicity and racial biases by police through traffic stops, arrests and searches has raised different controversies in the United States of America for more than ten years. The controversies have raised concern seeing that; a large number of American citizens tend to believe that the police treatment...

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Non-Lethal Force

Determining which types of nonlethal force police officers should have access to is a difficult decision. In assessing the various types of nonlethal force made available to police officers, I would outfit my officers with tasers and ASPs. Tasers allow police officers to use nonlethal force in order to control...

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The Case Of Darren Wilson

The decision by the grand jury not to indict Fergusson Police Officer Darren Wilson in connection with the shooting of Michael Brown sparked widespread demonstration across several US cities including Ferguson, in Missouri. The riots could have been prevented by taking into consideration various factors that touched the community that...

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