During the United States campaigns, authenticity emerged as an important trait and theme that the voters were searching for in their 45th presidential candidate. President Donald Trump depicted this trait, convinced the citizens and emerged the winner and was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Donald Trump came out as the most authentic politician of the day as he depicted various traits. First and foremost, during his political campaigns he believed in himself and his words and promised that he would deport about 11 million illegitimate immigrants and get the Mexican government fund the construction of the wall in the U.S-Mexican border. While communicating to his followers, his communication depicts the American culture. For instance, while addressing crowds, Trump was very natural. He was not very much concerned about himself, but the life of the citizens. He was concerned with the problems that the illegal immigrants had created in the United Sates.

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His speech was eloquent. Additionally, he built some sense of spontaneous interaction with his followers. The audience heard from him on real time and not through hearsay. His speeches were unpredictable and used the past deeds to formulate what he wanted to do for the Americans, offering him as competitive edge. Moreover, he just said what he wanted to say anytime and anywhere. In addition, he ensured that his speech was expressive by being open, transparent and through it, he presented his emotions on what he viewed as really a pressing issue that ought to have been addressed.

Donald Trump depicted his uniqueness throughout the campaign period. He depicted conviction and employed calculation in his political strategy. He presented his conviction to the people and slowly created concessions that were needed to ensure that he won the presidential seat. Additionally, being a Republican candidate, his authenticity was depicted by the fact that, as a party they wanted to challenge Barack Obama’s government and upheld this goal.