1. The writer explains the shift in the foreign policy in the United States at the beginning of the 2000s. In particular, the change of the perception of the security issues in the Pentagon and a country approach to the peace building operations is explained in details. For instance, the extent of the US involvement in the foreign policy agenda is explained, too. Hence, the article presents foreign policy implications of the change of the perception within Pentagon and in the security environment of the United States. Also, the article presents changes in the Naval forces of the United States with the change of the political landscape in the country.

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2. The article is written in the form of an evidence-based argumentation, containing the direct speech of the Defence Contractors in the US. Security and Pentagon officials. The method of horizontal thinking is widely applied in the research, too. Besides, the author also uses personal experience about the US security issues, shaped by his involvement in Harvard where he gained a prior knowledge about the security issues. More so, by knowing some of the key figures in the US personally. Security, he provides an assessment of the security implications based on his personal experience.

3. Ultimately, the author concludes that states that were in the disconnected relationship with the United States. It is noted that the states that do not possess the close relationship with the US tend to reach out to international organizations to have a greater impact on the global arena.

4. The argumentation in the article is not coherent. As the piece starts with the evidence of the US authorities, it is not clear what is the hypothesis of the piece. Moreover, the author lacks the structure, too. However, the overall opinion of the piece was understandable.