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Malcolm X and C.P. Ellis

Both Malcolm X and C.P. Ellis both describe moments of self-transformation, Malcolm X in terms of his self-education and C.P. Ellis when he left the Klu Klux Klan. Both of these experiences were the result of new relationships which motivated them to think differently about their values and beliefs. Malcolm...

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Paper 1 Crow Dog

Across the globe today, there have been campaigns against political radicalization, with the condemnation of actions suggesting racial, gender, or class discrimination becoming common. However, although the campaigns have continued to be considered to be effective, the current American society still has a strong representation of such radicalization. American society...

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A More Perfect Union: Rhetorical Analysis

There are some moments in history that act as turning points in the future direction a country or a people will take. Throughout history, these events have served as markers which one can pinpoint the start of a major event or change. An example of such an event is the...

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An Examination of the Department of Defense

Abstract: This paper will examine the nature of the DOD and why is it is necessary to have a sound accountability process. It highlights that the Accountability Review Boards (ARBs) are too limited and prone to bias, as seen in the Benghazi ARB. Finally, it will argue that there needs...

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Sustainable Framework: Debates Relevant To Sustainable Bonds

The most relevant concepts of sustainable bonds are the green and social bonds. Here, the green bonds seek to provide loans that will finance projects or activities intended to be of benefit to the environment. The social bonds, on the other hand, target financing projects aimed at promoting positive social-economic...

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