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Evaluating a Reference Source: Refugees

Finding reliable sources can be a challenge, especially when considering the many information outlets the digital age has provided. In conducting research for the forthcoming major research paper on the Syrian refugee crisis, the article “The pervertibility of refugee status” by Ana Paula Penchaszadeh has been identified as a credible...

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George Mason’s Objections to the Constitution

George Mason was a significant politician of the USA and one of three delegates, who refused to sign the Constitution in 1787. Being the author of the Bill of Rights, George Mason insisted on thoughtful objections to the Constitutions, which demonstrated disadvantages of the general law for both the American...

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Postcolonial Theory as an Approach for Literary Analysis

Introduction When colonial and postcolonial perspectives are applied to literature, it is usual that a political view of some kind is taken. This is natural; colonialism itself is based on power conflicts, so degrees of authority and subjugation are important. At the same time, and particularly in regard to literature,...

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Critical Thinking Questions, Round 2

Assess the significance of bureaucratic politics in foreign policymaking. Whose argument do you find more convincing, Allison’s or Krasner’s? Why? (Note: don’t let your answer depend on what we discussed in class – or any positions taken by the instructor!) When a foreign policy is finally passed, it is presented...

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Power and Office Politics

Question 1Based on the case study provided, one could argue that Thomas Green was politically skilled in some instances, and in others he lacked the ideas to drive his political agenda. One of the political skills that helped him at Dynamic Displays was his interpersonal influence. When he arrived at...

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