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Madison’s System

The best way to define Madison’s system is to say that he supported a weak federal system in the beginning and strong states’ rights. However, as he got older and rose in position, he began to see that the federal branches needed to be stronger and assert more authority in...

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Mirror of Political Problems

There are a number of ways in which the political problems of Early National Period mirror the political problems experienced in the world today. That period was rife with change and uncertainty in the United States, and while it is certainly true that the country has moved significantly over that...

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Bicameral Legislation

A bicameral legislature is a type of parliament in which legislative power is shared by two chambers. In the USA, these chambers include the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Senate is considerably smaller in size and comprises two senators from each state. In the House of Representatives, the...

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Why Should We Care?

Every government has an obligation of providing full service to their citizens. Therefore, there is the need to provide enough reliance and trust through the services they offer. The public service delivery policy commissioned by the government in different years should provide excellent guidance and effectiveness to economy growth with...

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Globally Harmonized System

The United Nations does tremendous things to help out countries around the world. One of these amazing programs is the globally harmonized system with regards to classifying chemicals and labels. However, the U.N. cannot enforce this system on countries. Essentially, every country decides for itself how it should and will...

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