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Corporate Governance Paper

In line with the OECD Corporate Governance Factbook (2015), most listed companies possess a controlling shareholder in the jurisdictions featured by concentrated ownership structures. In Turkey, most listed companies operate as family-controlled financial/industrial company groups assuming cross-ownership within various corporate groups ranging from pyramid structures to state-owned companies. In 2011,...

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Mandatory Voting and Why is Beneficial and a Privilege

Alexandria, La. Our View: Here's Something Worth Voting On: Mandatory Voting. The Town Talk. 23 Mar 2012. Alexandria’s article attempts to inform readers about the success of making voting mandatory by examining Australia as one of the 31 countries that have some form of mandatory voting. Due to the perpetual...

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American Political Science

The research article being summarized is about the challenges that hinder impartiality of state Supreme Courts. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate that legitimacy is not inflexible and that the reservoir of goodwill typically enjoyed by courts can indeed be depleted by campaign activity (Gibson 59). To understand...

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