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Environmental Problem of Global Concern

One of the major problems occurring in the world today is that of ocean pollution. Ocean pollution, which is often referred to as “ocean trash” or “ocean garbage,” has caused significant problems in the world’s oceans, especially for marine life, and it is almost solely manmade. Ocean pollution refers to...

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Main Issues of our Time

The main issues of our time are the detrimental effects of pollution upon the environment and the depletion of the world’s natural resources. The first step towards resolving these issues is to develop a consensus of opinion regarding the precise definitions of environmental jargon such as ‘ecopolitics’ and ‘sustainable development’....

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Should The Federal Government Create A Carbon Tax?

Carbon tax is a type of levy charged on carbon matter of fuels. The target is to impose a small cost on releases of CO2, together with the rest of greenhouse gasses (GHGs). It is a splendid plan that the Federal Government can implement in the effort to contend with...

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Dealing With Waste

Introduction Within the modern world, there is a great deal of waste stemming from the industrial processes used to provide basic necessities as well as consumer durables. Due to the great rise in economic wealth and prosperity throughout the world, the amount of waste that is generated has increased significantly,...

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US Environment Protection Agency

The years 1962 to 1970 characterized by a depreciating environment and diminishing concern over conservation saw man arguably take the position of tress and wildlife in the endangered species category (Mintz, 5). The consequences of overpopulation and exponential industrialization eventually led to the then deplorable state of the environment. The...

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