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Environmental Problem of Global Concern

One of the major problems occurring in the world today is that of ocean pollution. Ocean pollution, which is often referred to as “ocean trash” or “ocean garbage,” has caused significant problems in the world’s oceans, especially for marine life, and it is almost solely manmade. Ocean pollution refers to...

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Main Issues of our Time

The main issues of our time are the detrimental effects of pollution upon the environment and the depletion of the world’s natural resources. The first step towards resolving these issues is to develop a consensus of opinion regarding the precise definitions of environmental jargon such as ‘ecopolitics’ and ‘sustainable development’....

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Should The Federal Government Create A Carbon Tax?

Carbon tax is a type of levy charged on carbon matter of fuels. The target is to impose a small cost on releases of CO2, together with the rest of greenhouse gasses (GHGs). It is a splendid plan that the Federal Government can implement in the effort to contend with...

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Dealing With Waste

Introduction Within the modern world, there is a great deal of waste stemming from the industrial processes used to provide basic necessities as well as consumer durables. Due to the great rise in economic wealth and prosperity throughout the world, the amount of waste that is generated has increased significantly,...

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US Environment Protection Agency

The years 1962 to 1970 characterized by a depreciating environment and diminishing concern over conservation saw man arguably take the position of tress and wildlife in the endangered species category (Mintz, 5). The consequences of overpopulation and exponential industrialization eventually led to the then deplorable state of the environment. The...

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Waste Management Inc. Scandal (1998)

In the fraud case under review, financial statements of Waste Management Inc. were falsified and misrepresented from 1992 until 1997 financial year ("Waste Management Founder, Five Others Sued for Massive Fraud", 2018). During this period, perpetrators involved in fraudulent actions manipulated the company’s financial results to meet predetermined target earnings....

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Noise Pollution

Noise pollution has become a rising issue over the last few decades with the growth in use of commercial flights, the growth in human population, and the need to develop homes and communities in close proximity to airports. But what is the big issue with noise pollution? How does it...

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“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

The work Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is one of the most important works of the Twentieth Century. In the work, the author discusses how the use of chemicals in the environment leads to significant issues associated with the health and well-being of humans and animals. The book was published...

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Negative Effects of Fracking

The decision to investigate fracking as a research topic was above all motivated by the recent Democratic Presidential Debates. In these debates, candidate Bernie Sanders repeatedly emphasized that he would pursue a policy against fracking if elected President, believing that, firstly, fracking is environmentally dangerous, and, secondly, that the pursuit...

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Recycling Tires

Millions of vehicles on the road today are outfitted with tires provided by a number of inventors that include Michelin, Goodyear, and Dunlop, to name a few (Bettis). Initially, simple wooden wheels served to provide transportation for vehicles and were very bumpy. Later, leather was included in the design to...

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Cause and Effect of Recycling

Recycling is important because it allows waste to be reused in other products instead of ending up in landfills. The environment is protected, quality of life is improved, and it preserves our resources for everyone and future generations. Recycling is necessary because consumers and businesses create a huge amount of...

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Environmental Issues in China

Economic growth in China is generally considered a positive sign. However, with this increased industry and prosperity comes a caveat. The price of progress is often at the expense of the environment and health issues for the citizens. China has not escaped these caveats. In a recent public poll, the...

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Biofuels Present Reliable Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Oil is called the ‘black gold’ because it is the most lucrative natural resource in the world and almost single-handedly supports the economies of several countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela. Despite the huge economic incentives in finding reliable alternatives to fossil fuels such as oil, the success...

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Carbon Footprint

As our environment is continuously challenged by the impact of carbon emissions and the arguably deleterious effects of global warming, corporations are challenged with a paradoxical scenario---how can they encourage and/or foster sustainability, while still remaining viable from a profit scenario. In reality, sustainability is more than just a goal,...

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Carbon Tax

Humans will die! Have you wondered what the world would be like without the ecosystem? That’s what climate change will lead humans to; oceans are becoming warmer and sea levels are rising. The question that however remains is what are we doing with the knowledge? The responsibility of protecting our...

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Personal Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is an assessment of climate change which is a result of the particular activity, for example, creating a product, running a company, or having a specific lifestyle. Carbon footprint is usually measured by calculating the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions that get into the atmosphere. It can...

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Ocean Acidification: Causes and Consequences

“What is Ocean Acidification?” National Ocean Service.The primary objective of the article “what is ocean acidification” by the National Ocean Services is to elaborate what ocean acidification is all about. The first part of the review defines ocean acidification as the uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere which in turn...

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Cap and Trade Vs Carbon Tax

The adverse effects of environmental degradation are not in question anymore due to the numerous researches that have consistently proved that humans are the primary cause of ecological disasters. However, the approaches employed to mitigate the same have instigated debate on the best method to adopt based on cost and...

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Recycling Ferrous Metals: The Same Product with Less Damage to the Environment

Recycling serves an important dual purpose in our world: It is both environmentally conservative, and economically conservative. In the preservation of our environment and ecology, the recycling of metals is critical to sustaining the unsustainable resources for metals. The recycling of ferrous metals, steel, stainless steel, and iron, is advantageous...

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The Hudson River: Toxic PCB Contamination

The Native Americans that lived along its shores called the Hudson River “Muhheakantuck.” This translates to “river that flows both ways‟ as the river does have tides that change throughout the day. Many Native American tribes, including the Lenape and Iroquois, but today’s river was named after Henry Hudson, an...

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