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Cause and Effect of Recycling

Recycling is important because it allows waste to be reused in other products instead of ending up in landfills. The environment is protected, quality of life is improved, and it preserves our resources for everyone and future generations. Recycling is necessary because consumers and businesses create a huge amount of...

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Environmental Issues in China

Economic growth in China is generally considered a positive sign. However, with this increased industry and prosperity comes a caveat. The price of progress is often at the expense of the environment and health issues for the citizens. China has not escaped these caveats. In a recent public poll, the...

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Biofuels Present Reliable Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Oil is called the ‘black gold’ because it is the most lucrative natural resource in the world and almost single-handedly supports the economies of several countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela. Despite the huge economic incentives in finding reliable alternatives to fossil fuels such as oil, the success...

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Carbon Footprint

As our environment is continuously challenged by the impact of carbon emissions and the arguably deleterious effects of global warming, corporations are challenged with a paradoxical scenario---how can they encourage and/or foster sustainability, while still remaining viable from a profit scenario. In reality, sustainability is more than just a goal,...

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Carbon Tax

Humans will die! Have you wondered what the world would be like without the ecosystem? That’s what climate change will lead humans to; oceans are becoming warmer and sea levels are rising. The question that however remains is what are we doing with the knowledge? The responsibility of protecting our...

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