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Airport Noise Abatement

The most common complaint from those that live near airports concerns the excessive noise generated by jet aircraft as they take off and land. Many airports are located in or near high population centers, and the areas of the loudest noise may be located over houses, apartments, schools, museums, libraries,...

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Chevron Richmond Plant

In the Bay Area, a good deal is hard to come by, real estate is priced at a premium. Unless you purchase in the town of North Richmond, where a Chevron plant thrives. However, the residents are suffering as a result from exposure to massive amounts of chemicals that are...

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It absolutely is necessary for Hoosiers (like myself) to change their consumption habits. Right now, global warming is a result of greenhouse gasses and there are many sources of CO2 to the atmosphere almost all of which are a result of increased human greenhouse gas emissions. Without changing this, the...

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Bad Luck for the Environment

Everyone has heard the old wives tale that a broken mirror will leave its assailant with seven years of bad luck. People, even those who are not superstitious, tend to squirm at the very sound of the breaking of the reflective glass in their home. Prior to that moment, the...

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