Pop culture includes thoughts, mentality, and viewpoints in addition to a variety of other things that structure a society. Popular society is a thought that began in the 20th century and has risen quickly as a consequence of globalization. By and large, it comprises of music, style, mass communications, social networking, internet and superstars. Popular culture today characterizes how individuals go about their day by day activities. The impact of society on globalization influences essentially everybody and connotes the development of advancement on an overall scale. Today, the basics of life and society are altogether not the same as in the past all because of increased interpersonal interaction and integration. In this day and age, the Internet has influence on different aspects of popular culture. Since its beginning in the 1990s, the Internet has been fused into essentially every part of advanced human life, now coming to a client base of more than 2.3 billion individuals on the planet.Human being are interconnected and integrated as a result of globalization. The internet is a very powerful tool that has brought regimes down and brought change. It has enabled the sharing of culture across different regions of the globe. The Arab Spring for instance was the work of the internet and saw sweeping cry for democracy in the Arab world. Popular culture has become a symbol of globalization. Popular culture dictates how people today behave, dress and go about their activities. In so doing for example, it controls the type of music people listen to food that people take. The world is fast becoming a global village where people will have common way of behaving and culture. The basis of this paper is that popular culture equals globalization.

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Pop Culture Equals Globalization

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