The artistic works of Warhol and Rauschenberg had very much in common. Most notably, the two artists used the faces of popular individuals in society, typically American society, as subjects for their works. For example, Warhol is famous for his many works featuring Marilyn Monroe. Many of his works depict Monroe’s face in various colors and styles. Similarly, Rauschenberg used the face of John F. Kennedy in some of his most famous works. Like Warhol, Rauschenberg depicted his subject’s face in various colors in styles, though such work tended to be less stylistic and abstract than Warhol’s. Warhol relied heavily on extremely vivid and high saturated colors, while Rauschenberg relied more on colors that made the portraits appear to look like printings. In addition, Warhol and Rauschenberg both experimented with different artistic mediums, using unique objects and surfaces for artistic creations. Certainly the subjects of the works of both Warhol and Rauschenberg reflected the era that the two artists worked in predominantly. For example, Warhol used everyday and highly recognized items as subjects for many of his works. Most famously, Warhol used a Campbell’s soup can as the subject of several of his simplest works. Rauschenberg depicted an eagle in one of his simplest works, which may represent the sort of patriotism and nationalism that was common post WWII.
If I were creating artworks about my daily experiences, I would use a combination of futuristic technological objects and now antiquated objects. For example, I would feature the simplest old-fashioned landline telephone that I could find along with the most complex looking smart phone that I could find today. The contrast in the complexity of the objects would present an interesting perspective on our technological progress. Other objects I would consider using are bits of a computer in isolation, such as individual keys from a keyboards and the scrolling wheel of a computer mouse.

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