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Popular culture

Pop Art

Pop art, a movement which took place in Britain and the US in the 1950’s and 60’s, certainly had a meaningful message. This message was that art should no longer be considered to be a precious artefact, but rather, a commodity. Pop art challenged notions of art as a precious...

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Popular Culture and Me

My first idea of pop culture was purely music and I related the term with my favorite artists such as Eminem and Kanye West. The weekly readings have enlightened me to the broadness of the term and I view pop culture differently. It can be music or anything that represents...

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Pop Culture

In the recent years, smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other devices have become an inseparable part of most people`s daily lives. According to Gerard Goggin, the development of IT sphere provides us with a great number of applications that “fit into new ways of being oneself; new ways of organizing and...

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Pop Culture: An Overview

In his article “Pop Culture: An Overview”, Tim Delaney illustrates the main elements of popular culture, using a wide range of examples to help the reader appreciate how various forces contribute to shaping “the culture of the people” (Delaney, 2007, p. 6). Delaney is an Associate Professor of Sociology at...

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Folklore and Functionalism

There is no simple way in which to define folklore theory, however there is a way of describing it in terms of being an academic discipline. According to Michael Owen Jones, a Professor at the School of the Arts and Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, “A folklore...

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Cultural Incongruity and the Lee Family

There has been much discussion and observation leading to a conclusion regarding the global nature of society today. The common consensus is that, as medical, financial, electronic and other advances are made, the world is closer to becoming a global village than it ever has been in history. Anne Fadiman’s...

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The Beatles Essay

Many consider the British rock band, The Beatles, to be the greatest rock band of all time. Their popularity during the 1960s created a phenomenon known as Beatlemania. Before this class, I was familiar with some of their music and their overall popularity as a band. However, I failed to...

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Tattoo Narratives: A Cultural Anthropology Approach

In modern Western society, tattoos are a commonplace form of body art that can signify a variety of characteristics about a person. While the context of an individual’s tattoo itself has a narrative, the reason behind getting the tattoo is just as important. By evaluating and interviewing several individuals who...

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Contemporary Theater

The interesting aspect of the acting choreographed in this particular film is the nature of the gallantry in gait, walking, and in direct and indirect forms of communication. The style is stoic to reflect the Renaissance period given the aristocratic upbringing afforded by the feudal societies. Oedipus essentially displays a...

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Robert Scholes’ “On Reading a Video Text”

Robert Scholes’s essay “On Reading a Video Text”, from the work Protocols of Reading argues that today’s video texts should be considered part of contemporary American culture. Scholes explains that, by watching a video which presents a glimpse of the American ideology, lifestyle and values, the viewer is able to...

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McDonaldization of Society Essay

The McDonaldization of society refers to the mass movement of society towards extreme rationalization. While it may seem that society is simply moving towards a fast food approach, what it actually indicates is that there is movement towards always examining issues from an ends/mean analysis. Rather than looking at issues...

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Cultural Artifact Essay: What Are Cultural Artifact Examples?

Abstract This paper will discuss the selection of a single cultural artifact that I believe best represents the culture in which we live today. It will provide a detailed description of the artifact, analyzing in detail how the artifact relates to the values and beliefs of our culture. It will...

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The Importance of Myth and Storytelling

Myths and legends are arguably the oldest form of culture. Almost all regions of the world possess narratives of exceptional individuals who are able to triumph against tremendous odds and to live memorable and heroic lives. Crucially, in almost all of these stories, the heroic character embodies not only a...

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Popular Culture During the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a brutal financial recession that took place in the 1930’s throughout the world. The United States of America was greatly affected by this recession. The Stock Market crashed. Unemployment rose to 25-30%, especially in urban areas. There was little construction, international trade plummeted, and the farming...

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Turkish and American ‘Gossip Girl’

America being one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, has too many different cultures to obey all restrictions and limitations in terms of entertainment. Hence, one is able to see a tactful variety of entertainment such as sex appeal, drugs, murder and violence, which attracts the wide variety...

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Bob Dylan’s Songs

Bob Dylan is one of the most notable singer-songwriters of the 20th century. While he has a plethora of memorable songs, his songs “Like a Rolling Stone,” “The Times They Are a-Changin,’” and "Things Have Changed" tend to stand out above the rest, and not just because of their universal...

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The Impact of Literary Romanticism on Society and Culture in the 21st Century

We live in a very dynamic and colorful world where the concept of art is much broader than it used to be. Artists can express themselves through a wide array of different means, without having to follow any particular rules. That is because art is no longer perceived as a...

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The Most Influential Beatle

The Beatle I believe has had the most influence on the type of music I enjoy is John Lennon. I listen to a variety of music, so I do not follow just a specific genre of music or what is popular. I can enjoy modern electronic music and older ballads...

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Portrayals of Cultures in Television Shows

On the television show Modern Family there are three different types of marriages portrayed. This includes gay marriage, a marriage in which there is a big age gap, and an ‘all American’ marriage. In the marriage in which the wife and husband are not close in age there is a...

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What is Cinema? Manifesto

The power of the art form of cinema, which separates it from all other forms of art, is that it incorporates all forms of art into itself. Crucial to the cinematic work is therefore a narrative, which one would find in literature, the score that one finds in music, the...

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