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Popular culture

Folklore and Functionalism

There is no simple way in which to define folklore theory, however there is a way of describing it in terms of being an academic discipline. According to Michael Owen Jones, a Professor at the School of the Arts and Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, “A folklore...

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Cultural Incongruity and the Lee Family

There has been much discussion and observation leading to a conclusion regarding the global nature of society today. The common consensus is that, as medical, financial, electronic and other advances are made, the world is closer to becoming a global village than it ever has been in history. Anne Fadiman’s...

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The Beatles Essay

Many consider the British rock band, The Beatles, to be the greatest rock band of all time. Their popularity during the 1960s created a phenomenon known as Beatlemania. Before this class, I was familiar with some of their music and their overall popularity as a band. However, I failed to...

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Tattoo Narratives: A Cultural Anthropology Approach

In modern Western society, tattoos are a commonplace form of body art that can signify a variety of characteristics about a person. While the context of an individual’s tattoo itself has a narrative, the reason behind getting the tattoo is just as important. By evaluating and interviewing several individuals who...

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Contemporary Theater

The interesting aspect of the acting choreographed in this particular film is the nature of the gallantry in gait, walking, and in direct and indirect forms of communication. The style is stoic to reflect the Renaissance period given the aristocratic upbringing afforded by the feudal societies. Oedipus essentially displays a...

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