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Popular culture

Popular Culture and Consumerism

Consumerism defines American culture today. Consumerism by definition is simply the continuing consumption of more goods and services. It encompasses everything from food to clothing to tickets to a concert. In modern times, however, consumerism and popular culture have become entangled. They seem now to go hand-in-hand. Movies contain brand...

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Pop Culture Equals Globalization

Pop culture includes thoughts, mentality, and viewpoints in addition to a variety of other things that structure a society. Popular society is a thought that began in the 20th century and has risen quickly as a consequence of globalization. By and large, it comprises of music, style, mass communications, social...

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Popular Culture And Art

The artistic works of Warhol and Rauschenberg had very much in common. Most notably, the two artists used the faces of popular individuals in society, typically American society, as subjects for their works. For example, Warhol is famous for his many works featuring Marilyn Monroe. Many of his works depict...

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Goth Subculture

Subculture is a term whose meaning has evolved over time. As reported by McLaughlin & Muncie (2006, p. 427), subculture was initially used by anthropologists and criminologists to refer to various forms of social deviance and criminal attitudes resulting from values that were different from the ones associated with a...

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Black Women in Popular culture

Rihanna’s “Pour it UP” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” are some of the popular pop songs that demonstrate that women are not ashamed of their bodies and they are using the power of fame and money to encourage more female empowerment and the recognition of female voices in the society. Both...

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