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Vulnerable Populations

Within society, women and children often represent some of the most vulnerable individuals. Women and children, as a group, are recognized as a vulnerable population. Several public health and nutrition programs, such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children) recognize this vulnerability. Women, on average, make less money than do men....

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How Heart Disease Affects the Haitian Population

Heart disease poses serious health challenges for patients that may lead to fatal complications if left untreated. For the Haitian population, there is a high level of risk of heart disease for persons over the age of 45 because they are affected by a variety of circumstances that negatively influence...

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Population Growth in the US

Population growth in the United States presented serious challenges at the eve and during the 19th century. The US experienced an upsurge of population increase, which was a surprise to the ruling government. The incidence was characterized by urbanization and movement of natives from rural to urban centers. Many cities...

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Patient Population: Non-English Speakers

In some regards, the basic needs of every patient population are very similar: all patients require quality, compassionate care and support. Their family members and loved ones likewise require quality, compassionate care and support. However, when one considers characteristics which allows patients to be sorted into different groups, certain specific...

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Understanding Community and Population

Step 1: Summary of My Community I have lived in Waterbury, Connecticut for [state how long you have lived here]. Moreover, I preside in a nice quiet area with good neighbors off a main street that leads to grocery stores, shops, and other entities. From what I can tell, the...

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