There are many things that I learned from Porter’s article. My understanding of the healthcare domain is now different. I never realized how much cost is a part of the healthcare domain. Doctors, machinery, patients, and the costs for each type of medical condition, and individuals who are treated in the healthcare field are all part of this system. I never knew that the outcome and results of certain medical problems are divided up into a three-tier system. It makes sense that the first tier is the health status patients with some degenerative conditions have, survival a big part of this process. The second tier is concerned with outcomes that are associated with the recovery process. This includes how uncomfortable a patient is physically, any retreatment that is required, short-term complications, mistakes, and consequences that affect the patient. The third tier is concerned with the patient being able to maintain one’s positive health. As I was reading Porter’s article, I realized that if this third tier cannot be reached, then the other two tiers do not matter as much.
In terms of costs, I did not realize how much healthcare services cost different sectors. For instance, the costs include money needed for departments, doctor specialties, certain service areas, prescription drugs, and medical supplies. Certain diseases require more treatment, medical equipment, specialists, and time than other diseases. For instance, cancer often requires chemotherapy and other specialists that are needed to treat the patient.
Porter also discussed how the value of the patient is the most important thing to consider. Considering that the health insurance industry seems to be such a money hungry business, I am surprised that Porter feels this way about value. Even though he mentioned the costs of things and outcomes, throughout the article one could tell that his main priority was the patient’s welfare and sustaining a good level of health.

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