One particular positive customer service experience happened that was memorable. When I went to Walmart last year, I observed that a customer was irritated and angry because a product that they bought did not work. The client looked as if they wanted to start a fight right at that moment. Fortunately, the worker was experienced enough to take care of the situation.
When the customer started getting very agitated, the employee, fortunately, managed to apologize. Throughout the encounter, the employee just kept expressing understanding and a willingness to get things corrected to the customer’s satisfaction. The worker also said words, such as “I am here to help you out.” Words that show concern and compassion help the customer feel needed and valued.

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I admired the fact that the employee was responsive and managed to convey understanding. Responding with anger would have just made the situation much worse for the worker. Staying peaceful and calm is the way to resolve a problem, as well as using soothing words.

On another occasion, I had an issue with something that was a negative experience. The cell phone that I bought was not working properly. I wanted a refund, which the customer service representative did not offer to me. I was quite angry. After the sales associate had told me that a refund would be impossible, he waited on another customer. However, he didn’t offer an alternative option for resolving the situation. Therefore, I was rather irritated when he finished with the customer. I walked out of the store with no resolution to my issue.

There is some advice that I would give to a new Customer Service Representative. I would tell the person always to keep calm and show understanding through saying such expressions as “I understand” and “I want to resolve this problem for you.” The employee should also not act arrogant and unfeeling toward the customer. Expressing concern and always treating the customer as if they are right is the best way to be a positive customer service worker.