My commitment to positive social change was instrumental in my finding my niche in psychology. There are very few fields where social change is seen as being critically important in health and well-being, and there are few careers where advocating for social change can be a part of one’s job. As a member of the Walden community, I see myself as an advocate of a mission for social change by training to become a psychologist who can help those members of society who do not have the power, at the moment, to advocate fully on their own behalf. My experience with social change started at an early age, and I hope to continue to advocate as a member of the Walden community.

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When I was younger, I recall learning about social injustices and inequalities while visiting the hospital with my mother. Amid the bustling hospital rooms, I saw the white walls and the colorful pictures, but I also noticed the skin color of the staff. Time after time I saw white, male, physicians, and white female nurses. I asked my mother if African American women or men worked as doctors or nurses, and I was surprised when she told me that they did. She explained to me that each hospital is different, but that it seemed like the hospital we were in was over-represented only by White staff at the professional level.

Looking back, I do not believe my mother was aware of the social injustice that I pointed-out, but at this point in my life, I am acutely aware of this injustice. I had unknowingly pointed out to my mother that for some reason in our society, African American individuals are not being provided with the same opportunities that would allow them to serve in these professional roles. As I grew older, I began to advocate in debates with family and friends for affirmative action and for a reduction in the gap in income and opportunities within our society.

Moving forward within the Walden community, I hope to continue to raise awareness about issues such as race and other inequalities in our society. Furthermore, I hope to work with clients to help them advocate for themselves.