Since the late days of the slave trade era, Western cultures have played an influential role in the development of Africa. While generations of native Africans have upheld their own cultures, these cultures have changed over time. Throughout a significant portion of the twentieth century. Much of Africa was colonized by British Empire of the time. Additionally, the United States has been increasing its military presence in this region for decades. Besides the political and military involvement of these two world powers, many pharmaceutical, fast food, and other corporate chains have also been establishing their presence in Africa. Naturally, this is going to reform the culture as time goes on. Culture is the result of the guidance and behaviors which are handed down from earlier generations (Arrowolo). African culture and Western culture are two distinctly unique cultures. With the poverty and desolate conditions that plague Africa, the intervention of prominent countries is one which likely confuses, if not offends, the native population.
As foreign cultures are being introduced to Africans, it is crucial that caution is exercised in doing so. When foreign cultures attempt to establish an influential role in different countries, the culture shock from it may affect the population in an adverse way (Ungar). While the US and Britain have controlled and conducted business in Africa for centuries, the social, political, and economical effects have left many of the Natives in a confused state regarding their culture. While Western involvement in Africa has been ongoing, it is kept to a minimal, usually for the sake of benefitting whomever is intervening. This may take place more frequently in large cities. Most businesses and politicians do not conduct their business in rural areas, which is what most of Africa is made up of. The separation of African and Western culture within the same continent likely leaves the natives in a new culture of its own, somewhere between the two.

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