Problem Statement
Sierra Leon is one of the countries that have faced the worst Ebola outbreak since the diagnosis of the disease in 1976 in DRC. There has been a negative socio-economic impact of the disease. There is a record of 8000 cases of infections up-to-date as well as deaths summing up to 3000. Other victims include the medicals personnel whereby more than 295 health workers got infections and results in 221 of them and 11 physicians dying.

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The disaster-related issues include lack of personnel to provide treatment making the ratio of the skilled personnel to the general public to be small. The original ratio was 17.2 per 10000 people, and it reduced to 3.4 for the same population.

The outline
The Ebola overview in Sierra Leone would outline the outbreak of the virus in the country. There was the announcement of the virus on March 18, 2014. The origin of the disease was the family of bat hunting. In addition to that, prevention of infection and its control would be anchored. The advancement in the implementation of Ebola vaccines is enhanced.

Strengthening of the health facilities would assist in control of infections and control of the disease. The medical team from different regions is also another consideration in the treatment of the disease and its eradication. On top of that, recruitment for more health personnel and training them on the Ebola treatment would also help.

The research challenges
The general lack of understanding of Ebola is one of the research challenges in the collection of data related to it. Thus, response to it would be somehow unreliable in making the most appropriate recommendations and conclusions about the disease. The areas of intervention would need to be appropriately achieved that include the emergency food security with the aim of controlling the negative impact of the disease. The plans on intervention might not be fully underway.

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