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Theories of Poverty

In terms of the major theories of poverty, they can be categorized into two distinct groups. The first is a cultural/behavioral route to poverty, which states that the cause of poverty lies in the behavior, value, and culture of those who are poor. In contrast, the structural/economic view of poverty...

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Critical Problem: Poverty

Poverty is a critical problem plaguing the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau (2014) in 2012, 15% of the population lived in poverty. In 2013, the poverty rate decreased to 14.5%. Despite this slight decrease, approximately 45.3 million Americans live in poverty. According to the University of...

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The Effects Of Gentrification On Minority Groups In The New York City

The persistence of the residential segregation by race has become one of the key areas of the interest for scholars, community organizers and the policy makers not only in the New York City, but also in most of the American cities (Goetz 2011: 1588). The questions that are asked in...

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Political Economy – Modernization And Development

The complex relationship between policy and economy has been a subject of numerous studies. A general consensus is that policies have dramatic effects on countries’ social and economic development. Even the most advanced states face obstacles to effective and continuous growth. Misbalanced policy mechanisms and lack of attention to the...

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Poverty and Pollution

The issue of progress and its contribution to the amounts of pollution in some of the developing countries is a complex issue, for objective assessment of which it is necessary to consider the best interests of all the involved parties, which is sometimes difficult to do as it is usually...

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Child Labor Situation in Bangladesh

The topic I have chosen is: Child Labor in Bangladesh. The questions that I will attempt to answer include: What is the general overview of the situation of child labor in Bangladesh? Has the situation improved or worsened? What are some of the facts, figures and statistics on child labor...

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Global Wealth and Poverty

Fundamentally, understanding and measurement of poverty relies on assessment of income and has three dimensions including relative, absolute and subjective. Relative poverty is defined as a state where people can afford basic necessities even though they are still unable to maintain an average living standard in accordance to societal norms...

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Poverty and Its Effects

As one of the biggest problems facing the world today, poverty continues to have significant negative implications for the society. The effects of poverty are extremely severe and far-reaching, so much so that it was one of the top Millennium Development Goals agreed upon at the Millennium Summit of the...

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Poverty Indicators

The life expectancy and the rates of good education in a country may be used as indicators of poverty. Countries that have a well educated and well-trained population on different skills ensure that the country has its social and economic well-being created. Education is important in providing different individuals with...

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Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence

When one thinks of “violence”, one thinks of hand-to-hand combat, bombs dropping, etc. Gandhi, however, argues for a less-though of form of violence as the worst type of violence. A good working definition of violence is that violence is the strength of an unpleasant force. This broad definition makes sense...

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The Effects of Poverty on Human Development

Poverty in terms of socioeconomic wealth, status and opportunity is a complex and multifaceted concept. Poverty is more than not having enough money; it is a lack of food, a lack of shelter, and a lack of security. As of 2016, more than 40 million Americans are living below the...

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Solving Social Problems: Meals on Wheels and Food Pantries

Poverty among the elderly in America has increased in recent years, especially among elderly women. According to the National Women's Law Center (NWLC), the number of men and women over the age of 65 who were living in extreme poverty climbed 18 percent between 2011 and 2011 (Entmacher et al.,...

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Effects of Globalization on Poverty

The advent of globalization and information systems has led to the evolution of various perspectives on the world. The social, cultural and economic aspects of the society have been affected heavily by the changes experienced on the global platforms. People and organizations in distant locations in the world are interconnected...

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Examining the Impacts of Poverty on a Child’s Education

Living in poverty is a challenge faced by so many today, and that challenge becomes far more difficult upon being granted the responsibilities of parenthood. Raising and caring for a child inherently requires ensuring that they are able to transition into independent, functional, and successful adults. A major part of...

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Poverty Causes People to Engage in Crime

Poverty is one of the most difficult challenges that the world is facing today. According to the World Bank Organization, poverty is many things; it can be hunger, not being able to access education due to lack of school fees, lack of medication, lack of shelter, living hand to mouth...

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Poverty in the World

Poverty has been a major issue that has plagued many of the world’s economies for many decades. Poverty refers to a state where individuals lack enough resources to cater for their everyday needs (Nolan, 2007). Poverty can come about as a result of many factors. Some of the major factors...

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Social Stratification Essay

The most important element of social stratification, as I have taken it from this term, is how it seems to be an inevitable and complex system in virtually any culture. It is a framework, in a sense, and one based upon a wide variety of factors. Gender, economic status, class,...

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Myths About People in Poverty

People are poor because they are lazy and refuse to work: What is more often the case is that people are unable to access work because of many reasons including: a long-term disability, lack of other resources like transportation or appropriate clothing, lack of responsible child care and limited education...

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Low Life Expectancy in the Developing World

Despite moving towards improvement, the problem of low life expectancy has not changed a lot, and according to the World Bank, life expectancy has grown by only a couple of years over a ten-year period (, 2017). Especially weak was and still is the growth in the countries of Central...

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19th and 20th Century Social Worker Responses to Poverty

In the 19th century, the U.S. was faced with a spate of immigrants (Ehrenreich, 2014). In fact, immigration patterns in the early 19th century included high levels of immigration from across the world, while legislation by the late 19th century limited immigration from many parts of world and encouraged immigration...

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