Being a prepared and active student requires many things. One of these things is to treat your courses as a job, which is one of the most important jobs that one will ever have in life. Education is something that makes one smarter, opens one’s mind, and also gives someone the chance to achieve their dreams and meet one’s goals.
Being punctual is a good way to take classes seriously. Coming to class on time shows that one cares about getting the most out of class and learning all that is possible. However, preparing for class is also important. Preparation includes doing any necessary readings, completing homework, and being ready answer questions about the course material. Just showing up is not enough. I must do my best to be as knowledgeable as possible.

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One must also know what is on the syllabus and the course rules. This includes the rules about missing class and contacting you instructor if one has to miss class due to illness, emergencies, or other unexpected circumstances. It is also my responsibility to know when assignments and papers are due, as well as knowing when tests are given.

Since writing is such a central part of course work, I must avoid plagiarism, think of my own ideas, cite other sources, and also make sure that my writing is free of errors. I want to write papers that go beyond just reciting information. I want my ideas to be new and different. Reading is also a big part of taking courses. I will skim pages first and then read articles and books, as I take notes and highlight important passages.

Being an active student is not just a way to get good grades, but also a way to achieve my future career goals. While I have not declared a major yet, any career I select will be easier because I have learned active student skills that I can apply to my job.