Laney is strong in social relationships as well as in sports. She represented her class in the annual school sports where she was awarded for her exemplary performance in football and athletics. Overall, Laney can be evaluated as a jovial student who is liked at many and strong in social activities. Her performance in class is however wanting because she has a problem in reading. She was put at individualized instruction but the performance fell short of the expected performance after the fourth week. Despite the fact that she does not perform well in reading, she performed average in mathematics because it does not always engage a student’s reading abilities.
Laney is Latino and therefore accustomed to speaking Spanish more than she does English. Her background could be affecting her reading ability. Moreover, she does not practice reading at home because her whole family is Latino and they prefer reading Spanish articles and books. Her family moved from Mexico two years ago and she is the only one who has attended school in America. Her mother and father are not fluent in English while her big brother is still in Mexico. Laney’s family background can therefore be highly attributed to the fact that she is unable to advance her reading abilities.

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She is strong in social activities such as athletics and has an interest in painting. While performing sports or painting, she does not need to relate with people directly. However, she enjoys spending time with her friends where they play after classes. It is important to note that her verbal English has greatly improved for the two years she has been in the country. She can say most English words and is able to use the correct tense. It is expected that she might improve on her reading if she does it more with other children rather than doing it alone.