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Argument Activity: Question of Wrongful Imprisonment

This HYPERthetical situation involves a man who was wrongfully convicted and served twenty-five years for a crime he did not commit. When DNA evidence finally surfaces to exonerate him, he is released and, surprisingly, he reveals his complicity in multiple crimes while he was in prison, including possible murder, rape,...

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Overrepresentation of Indigenous Women in Australian Prisons

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are one of the fastest growing prison populations. They are largely overrepresented among prison inmates. Incarceration rates for this population have risen by 18% since 2013 (Bridie 2014). These rates are even higher in the Western and Northern territory where women account for 43%...

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Why Correctional Officers Do Not Want To Work In Women’s Prisons

There are a variety of reasons as to why neither males nor females desire to work inside of a female-populated correctional facility. Some of these reasons include the issues female prisoners create within the confines of the facility, greater rates of assault by female prisoners and other job-related experiences that...

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Education for Inmates

When people are sent away to prison, society has tremendous control over what they do. Some believe that when people have committed crimes, the only collective job for society is to punish them and keep them away from the population. Others believe that it is the job of society, in...

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Analysis of Early Release of Inmates

In the 21st century, prisons in the United States continue to become more crowded and the crime rate is invariably increasing as less resources are established to assist with rehabilitating criminals and providing means, which can assist them in being released early and for a change, providing worthwhile contributions in...

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Overview of Programs to Reintegrate Incarcerated Women

A rising issue within the United States judicial system is the inability of women to be provided with adequate support mechanisms that can assist them in being reintroduced into society. Furthermore, these programs become a necessary part of any prison as female prisoners are easily institutionalized within prisons and face...

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Effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System

The debate of the effectiveness of criminal justice system in deterrence of crime has received a number of attentions from different scholars that included activists, law professors, attorneys, etc. Some scholars share the same subscription but for entirely different reasons and arguments while other different in the whole context. John...

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Prison Violence

Violence in prison systems across the world stem from a multitude of problems and there is not a “magic bullet” to fix it either. It is not as if prison violence is a recent phenomenon, violence in prisons can probably be traced back to the earliest known prison systems in...

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Rights of Prisoners

In the present day, courts and civil society have noted the need to recognize the prisoners do have right and they need to be upheld. Notably, the courts also recognize that the prisoners' rights are also limited and they forfeited unlimited right when they committed a crime. Both the courts...

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Female Imprisonment

The issues revolving around female inmates have raised heated debates in the recent years. Not only has the cases of incarceration of females increased but also the time spent while serving their sentences has shown steady rise. According to Nedim (2017), the period between 1995 and 2002 saw the imprisonment...

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Policy Proposal to Improve the Access to Mental Health Care for Prisoners

After the review of multiple public and scholarly resources relating to the improvement of mental health care provided to prisoners and detainees, it has been determined that prison and mental health administrators need to create a new policy that assists prisoners, detainees, their families, and the interprofessional team members that...

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Prison Population and Mental Illness

In recent years, there has been an increasing level of interest about the prevalence of mental health issues for prisoners in the system. Research has collected more data on the matter and has overwhelmingly linked mental health problems with the prison system in an almost inextricable manner. Many new prisoners...

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Incarceration in the United States

I would like to address the disgraceful problem of the high incarceration rate in the United States; we lead world in number of people in prison per capita out of every industrialized nation. Furthermore, the correctional system in our country is clearly skewed by racial and ethnic bias. I am...

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The Stanford Prison Experiment: An Ethical Approach

The seemingly monstrous acts of those who are put into an authoritative role and the oddly submissive reaction of those who find themselves in the contradicting inferior role have often been the subjects of psychological research. Prior to the establishment of the American Psychological Association's Code of Conduct, many of...

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Internal and External Stakeholders in Prison

Introduction Perhaps one of the most concerning matters facing the female prison population today is the fact that many females in prison still do not have access to the healthcare necessary to ensure their overall health and well-being (Anderson, 2001; Fletcher, 2014; Kravitz, 2010). In order to address the matter,...

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Aging Prison Population

The documentary Fault Lines: Dying Inside: Elderly in Prison brings to light the problems the United States faces as its prison population rapidly ages. In fact, the aged population of prisons is growing exponentially. According to Mirka, whereas elderly inmates made up only 5.7% of the prison population in 1992,...

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Prison Overcrowding

For very practical reasons, and with very serious real-world ramifications, the biggest issue currently facing the American corrections system is prison overcrowding. Despite only making up 5-percent of the world’s population, the United States accounts for approximately 25-percent of its entire prison population, making it the nation with the highest...

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Prison Congestion

Confinement has historically been the primary method of containing and managing those who are considered as different, marginal or dangerous. In the context of criminality, this conventional approach has found its institutionalization in the modern criminal justice system and corrective treatment of criminals. In this respect, the current response to...

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Goals of Corrections

When it comes to determining the purpose of corrections, many different people have many different ideas on what should dominate. Some argue that the most important sentencing goal of corrections is deterrence, as they argue that the right kind of system will provide both general and specific deterrence in the...

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Purpose of Prisons

Unfortunately, prisons and jails are a necessary part of society. While a utopian society where everyone follows all applicable laws may seem ideal, it is not likely. Humans are prone to flaws, including illegal and immoral behavior. Prisons were designed to deal with individuals who commit illegal behavior. However, the...

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