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Argument Activity: Question of Wrongful Imprisonment

This HYPERthetical situation involves a man who was wrongfully convicted and served twenty-five years for a crime he did not commit. When DNA evidence finally surfaces to exonerate him, he is released and, surprisingly, he reveals his complicity in multiple crimes while he was in prison, including possible murder, rape,...

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Overrepresentation of Indigenous Women in Australian Prisons

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are one of the fastest growing prison populations. They are largely overrepresented among prison inmates. Incarceration rates for this population have risen by 18% since 2013 (Bridie 2014). These rates are even higher in the Western and Northern territory where women account for 43%...

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Why Correctional Officers Do Not Want To Work In Women’s Prisons

There are a variety of reasons as to why neither males nor females desire to work inside of a female-populated correctional facility. Some of these reasons include the issues female prisoners create within the confines of the facility, greater rates of assault by female prisoners and other job-related experiences that...

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Education for Inmates

When people are sent away to prison, society has tremendous control over what they do. Some believe that when people have committed crimes, the only collective job for society is to punish them and keep them away from the population. Others believe that it is the job of society, in...

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Analysis of Early Release of Inmates

In the 21st century, prisons in the United States continue to become more crowded and the crime rate is invariably increasing as less resources are established to assist with rehabilitating criminals and providing means, which can assist them in being released early and for a change, providing worthwhile contributions in...

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