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Incarceration in the United States

I would like to address the disgraceful problem of the high incarceration rate in the United States; we lead world in number of people in prison per capita out of every industrialized nation. Furthermore, the correctional system in our country is clearly skewed by racial and ethnic bias. I am...

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The Stanford Prison Experiment: An Ethical Approach

The seemingly monstrous acts of those who are put into an authoritative role and the oddly submissive reaction of those who find themselves in the contradicting inferior role have often been the subjects of psychological research. Prior to the establishment of the American Psychological Association's Code of Conduct, many of...

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Internal and External Stakeholders in Prison

Introduction Perhaps one of the most concerning matters facing the female prison population today is the fact that many females in prison still do not have access to the healthcare necessary to ensure their overall health and well-being (Anderson, 2001; Fletcher, 2014; Kravitz, 2010). In order to address the matter,...

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Aging Prison Population

The documentary Fault Lines: Dying Inside: Elderly in Prison brings to light the problems the United States faces as its prison population rapidly ages. In fact, the aged population of prisons is growing exponentially. According to Mirka, whereas elderly inmates made up only 5.7% of the prison population in 1992,...

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Prison Overcrowding

For very practical reasons, and with very serious real-world ramifications, the biggest issue currently facing the American corrections system is prison overcrowding. Despite only making up 5-percent of the world’s population, the United States accounts for approximately 25-percent of its entire prison population, making it the nation with the highest...

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Prison Congestion

Confinement has historically been the primary method of containing and managing those who are considered as different, marginal or dangerous. In the context of criminality, this conventional approach has found its institutionalization in the modern criminal justice system and corrective treatment of criminals. In this respect, the current response to...

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Goals of Corrections

When it comes to determining the purpose of corrections, many different people have many different ideas on what should dominate. Some argue that the most important sentencing goal of corrections is deterrence, as they argue that the right kind of system will provide both general and specific deterrence in the...

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Purpose of Prisons

Unfortunately, prisons and jails are a necessary part of society. While a utopian society where everyone follows all applicable laws may seem ideal, it is not likely. Humans are prone to flaws, including illegal and immoral behavior. Prisons were designed to deal with individuals who commit illegal behavior. However, the...

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Sex Offender Reintegration

When a sex offender is released to the community following a long period of time incarcerated, transitioning to independent life presents numerous barriers to their reintegration. . (Wormith, Althouse, Simpson, Reitzel, Fagan, & Morgan, 2007) Annually the net increase in sex offenders in the population from prison releases is approximately...

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Prisoner’s Dilemma

In the world of mathematics, there is a wide variety of research topics that are related to other fields of study, such as economics, sociology, health, etc. Therefore, mastering mathematical tools and finding their application in real life is essential for the future academic education and career. In this paper,...

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Juvenile Rehabilitation Programs: An Alternative Solution

The issue of crime among juveniles is a major burden in society because it creates the probability of the repetition of criminal offenses in adulthood. In addition to the growing concern of juvenile delinquency, the criminal justice system should be aware of alternative solutions that are also essential in the...

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Rhetorical Analysis: Letter from Birmingham Jail

In his well-known Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King defends the approach of nonviolent resistance to racism, responding to numerous accusations he was subject to. In particular, he responds to the critical attacks of the “Call for Unity” clergymen who deemed the actions of protesters to be unwise and...

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Analysis Of Violence In Prisons

The internal stakeholders and external stakeholders involved with violence in prisons have a significant impact on the welfare of prison mates and the ability of the United States judicial system to correctly rehabilitate prisoners and provide a safe and fostering environment for personal improvement and development. However there is currently...

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The Use Of Prisons

The use of prisons within the United States is controversial due the fact that their benefit in terms of punishment, reformation, and prevention of recidivism has not been substantially proven. The two main opinions about prisons – we need to use them more, or that we need to use them...

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Florida’s Re-Entry Program

Generally, ex-offenders face several challenges in their aim to re-enter society following termination of their jail terms. In this case, persons with prior convictions for criminal offences usually have difficulties in finding housing and gainful employment for a variety of reasons, one of which is the reluctance by employers to...

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

According to the Black’s law dictionary (2016), armed robbery can be defined as “a robbery where the person carrying out is armed by having a lethal weapon and threatens his victims with bodily harm.” Undoubtedly, armed robbery is a serious crime, but if it requires a further punishment enforcement is...

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Alternatives to Incarceration

Mass incarceration has been a problem in this country for decades and it all began with the War on Drugs. Politicians exploited African Americans with what Michelle Alexander refers to as “thinly veiled racism” by necessitating a war on drugs and cracking down on crime that stemmed from the Civil...

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Present State of Community Corrections: Conclusions

Community corrections remain an important element of correctional system in the United States and a popular alternative to incarceration, which is partly demonstrated by the large number of adults under community supervision. According to the recent data, in 2011 the number of community supervision population has been more than twice...

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Prisons the New Cottonfield

There is little doubt in the minds of many that the prison system within the United States is a first-rate, money laundering system. The current age in American society is one that prides itself on money and affluence. The rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer. The...

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Theories of Sentencing and Factors of Modern Sentencing

The objective of this study is to describe four theories of sentencing and to explain one of the key factors in modern sentencing laws and policies. Four Theories of Sentencing The work of David B. Muhlhausen (2010) entitled “Theories of Punish and Mandatory Minimum Sentences” reports that there are four...

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