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Community Gardens

The prison garden project developed by Catherine Sneed as a horticulture program intended to offer the prisoners opportunities to do more meaningful work and through it transform them creates an ambiguous relationship between people and plants. This was out of her empathy for the poor and disenfranchised prisoners whom she...

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Build and Manage a Community Garden

BackgroundThroughout the realm of history, natural resources have been used by a plethora of people in order to facilitate a strong level of survival. Specifically, most of the early human beings and the Native Americans used rivers and other bodies of water in order to provide food, fertilizer for land,...

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Summary/Reaction “Russian Prison Tattoos” on YouTube

The tattoos worn by Russian prisoners are not just symbolic decorations. The tattoos show that there is culture, structure and power within the prisons. Tattoos can tell which part of Russia someone comes from, how high or how low their status is in the prison population, what role they serve...

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Abuses of Prisoners

Prisoners of war are undertaken through various experiences when they are in the hands of the perpetrators. Extreme forms of abuse on the prisoners is one of the critical representations of the ordeals that the prisoners go through in their experiences. A typical example of the torturing of the prisoners...

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