Privacy in the online world has become a topic of a broad discussion among ordinary Internet users and the global companies that provide the networks and services online. Personally, I take the stance especially carefully so that the online world will not affect my everyday living. I have a Youtube channel, a Facebook page and Twiter. In all these networks, I use my personal data such as personal photo, the real date of birth and place where I live. Also, I tend to state online what I am doing and where I am studying. In fact, I set some restrictions so that only my friends will be able to see what I choose to post. I intend to think that otherwise my data may spread online and will be used for the reasons I would not like it. Thus, the privacy in the social media is beyond important for me.

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The Copyright is an enormous issue on the Internet which also undermines disrespect for the intellectual property rights. The content posted online these days becomes of the interest of lawyers who take care of the privacy online. A particularly interesting case to investigate is the attitude towards privacy on Youtube. There is a clear procedure what a user shall do once he or she notes the copy of their content. If that happens, the charges will be carried out by the Youtube staff members and the content will be removed upon the evidence of abuse.

2013 is considered the most challenging year for the social media concerns. There were issues related to password management, age limits, social engineering, complex malware and privacy laws. Until then, the global companies are still dealing with these issues as they remain relevant until now.

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