In the 21st century, one of the largest causes of lung cancer and other lung and heart related diseases is smoking. It continues to plague people who have been unable to stop this habit and results in a rapid deterioration of the individual’s heart and lungs. Ultimately, there is little that health professionals can do to cure diseases that are caused by smoking however a continued emphasis on stopping people from starting to smoke or convincing them to give up the habit may prevent further cases of lung cancer and diseases related to smoking and eventual death. This paper will focus on instances of smoking in Bowling Green, Ohio where people, who have been addicted to smoking for many decades, are trying to give up the habit but are failing. This paper will further argue that through consistent treatment and health programs implemented by local health and educational departments, these populations can be assisted in giving up the habit and ensuring that they do not start smoking again. With extra help and support by trained professionals, these populations can persist with not smoking and can also be guided towards a healthier and more fulfilling life, regardless of their age and background.
The significance of instances of smoking in the Bowling Green area of Ohio is that they are negatively impacting a large population and are degrading the quality of life being experienced by these people. In many cases, these smokers are not healthy or are being provided with healthy diets that would allow them to conduct day to day activities that any other individual would be able to. For example, physical exercise is being neglected by these populations, which further contributes towards a healthy lifestyle and overall longevity of life. Their diets are also unhealthy in nature and also a direct result from smoking. Furthermore, it is important as action can be quickly taken to assist these individuals in preserving what life they may have left and assisting them in becoming healthy and fit. With some implementation from external resources such as local health departments and community action in the state of Ohio, the lives of individuals in Bowling Green, Ohio can be saved and this can be used to prevent similar instances of smoking addiction and lack of health in the area and nationally in the future.

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The solution proposed is for local health departments and communities to generate a comprehensive smoking program that effectively assists these individuals in stopping smoking and provides some avenues for future health and development. The reason behind this solution and not others is the fact the individuals under examination have been smoking for many decades and can not simply be forced to stop smoking. The circumstances should these individuals not be provided with any help could be dire as they continue to poison their bodies with cigarette smoke. Furthermore, the habit is highly addictive and there could be further ramifications for their health if they were to quickly stop smoking.

There are a number of steps that need to be taken to ensure that the solution stipulated is effectively implemented and that these respective populations become healthier and stop smoking for the rest of their lives. The first step is for several meetings between community and health leaders in the area. The establishment of the health program will require collaboration of a number of different parties and the use of logic to determine particular timeframes. Once a timeframe and the correct individuals have been identified, then the program can be implemented and all people concerned can start the process towards stopping smoking completely. A program syllabus can also be generated and which will assist the specified individuals in remaining on track and looking at achieving certain milestones such as no smoking for short and long term periods. Other steps in the process may involve the families of the respective individuals intervening and attending some of the seminars included in the respective programs. Family support has been identified as being crucial to the overall process and ensuring that individuals are felt comfortable and can continue to actively seek support from a number of different parties. It is important that the concerned individuals feel well looked after and most significantly, cared for by their family, friends and all other support staff.

There are however some drawbacks and limitations that need to be considered prior to the program being implemented. These drawbacks focus on refusal of concerned individuals to attend programs and instances where the program does not work and participants resort back to smoking. It will be ensured throughout the process of implementation that the program is comprehensive and is established for the sake of all individuals and caters to differing circumstances. Psychologists will be consulted throughout the preparation process and this will ensure that all personality types are considered and every person who has a smoking habit is well catered for and looked after.

This paper has proposed that the simplest and most effective solution to resolving the smoking problem in Bowling Green, Ohio is to implement a program directed and coordinated by well trained health professionals. The funding implications for this program has been assessed as being minor and there is a high likelihood that all individuals will be able to stop smoking and begin healthy lives.