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The Collective Action Problem

A collective action problem results when individually rational actions produce outcomes that, at the group level, appear to not be rational. Individuals acting in a very intelligent manner may pose a problem for the group. Solutions to collective action group problems depends on policies that provide an incentive for individuals...

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Problem Statements Research Questions and Hypotheses

Students at Green Valley Community College reported feeling bored and disconnected from the curriculum at the school due to a lack of technology and a lack of skills on the part of teachers when it comes to actually teaching and presenting material. Due to a belief in the correlation between...

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Mt. St. Helen: Example Research Paper on a Volcano

On May 18th 1980, Mt. St. Helen erupted, killing 57 individuals (South Dakota University, 2013). According to the New York Times (2012) the eruption of Mt. St. Helen “was recorded as the deadliest and most economically devastating volcanic event in the history of the United States” (para. 1). A review...

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Comparative Rhetorical: “Seth Shostak” and “John M Logsdon”

The two authors “Seth Shostak” and “John M Logsdon” have used different strategies to prove their points to the audience. Their articles have provided different points with regards to the importance of human space exploration which is the purpose of the two articles. Readers of articles always find different reasons...

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Road Rage In Drivers

Problem Generally speaking, road rage occurs when the driving of another brings on an act of impulsive violence from the perpetrator. It is not a disorder in itself, but it is often prompted by the existence of conditions such as substance abuse or personality disorder (Lilienfield, Lynn, & Lohr 97)....

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How To Craft An Excellent Problem Solution Essay?

All through your academic career, you will be burdened with several essays and assignments. Problem solution essays can be one of these assignments, and it is your job as the writer to persuade the audience and encourage them to take a course of action.

This guide contains some tips that help you to write a problem and solution essay. When you have good problem solution essay topics and a systemic approach, your readers will follow your argument.

Definition Of A Problem Solution Essay

Problem solution essays are persuasion essays. It involves describing a problem, convincing the readers to care about this problem, proposing a workable solution, and preparing to dismantle any objections that may arise. If you need to write a problem solution essay, you can follow a simple formula.

How To Write A Problem Solution Essay

To craft a logical and well-structured essay, you need to follow the right steps. You must start with identifying the problem and explaining it in a concise language. Be sure to provide examples that give your readers a great understanding of the essay.

Another thing to do is to investigate the problem and its origin. Find out how it started in the first place and explain why you think this problem should be addressed and solved. Your essay should paint a clear picture of the consequences that could arise if the problem is not solved by society.

The next step is to show the possible outcomes of the problem. This part is also known as a call to action, and it encourages the audience to take action.

When it comes to writing an essay, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when choosing a problem to solve. In other cases, local problems linked to the school or community work may be suitable. Some students have better results when their papers focus on global issues such as racism and the environment. However, you must not neglect the most important aspect of writing such an essay, having a genuine interest in the chosen topic.

After this part, prepare the thesis. This thesis statement is a crucial part of the paper, and it is affixed to the introduction of your problem solution essay. There is no hard and fast rule about the strict order to write your essay. Some students write the thesis statement last as they find it easier to gather their thoughts. After writing the essay, you would have developed a full understanding of the issue and can now form a concise thesis that will highlight the rest of the work.

Basic Structure Of A Problem Solution Essay

Start with creating your problem solution essay outline. The next step is the thesis, which is usually at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement can be in the form of a question with solutions. Some ideas to consider include Stating the solution in a single sentence. Also, Thesis statements come after the problem has been described.

The body of the paper comes next. It should be three paragraphs or more. This part of the essay must also explain the solution concisely and explain how it will be funded as well as the head of the funding.

Don't forget to add some evidence that the proposed solution will work. Add expert opinion, statistics, logical arguments, or studies to support your solution.

This part should argue that the proposed solution will fix the problem and is cost-effective. It should also mention that it is reasonable, feasible to implement, and can survive possible objections.

Tips On Writing Problem Solution Essays

If you don't have a lot of time on your hands, you can use essay writing services. Also, if you get stuck, you can find a problem solution essay example online to work with.