Packaging design is strategically important not solely in marketing terms. This essential marketing component greatly influences customer behaviors while buyers are prioritizing on one product over another. Colorful, creative and insightful designs on packages definitely impact our subconscious minds and that is how marketers often induce us to make irrational buying choices (based on our feelings and emotions) rather than rational (well-thought) ones. That is why the role of packaging design has such strategic significance in marketing and sales and is even more important than we could ever think.

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In times of booming globalization and market competition, to win more competitive advantages over rivals, top players creatively develop effective packaging designs that exclude standard conventions and approaches to the idea of conventional packaging. Packaging has become strategically important means to show the unique qualities and features of a product. Namely owing to the art of packaging design some products stand out from the rest.

Sound packaging should foremost appeal to a producer’s target market and convey important messages about the product being sold. I such a way, marketers trigger the desired emotion in their customers. In other words, product is what we consume, while packaging is what inspires us to buy a product.

Given the realities of increasing rivalry on both domestic and international markets, the role of a good packaging designer is of vital importance. First of all the approach to packaging should be ultimately creative. The conveyed messages should cohere with the colors, signs, logos and other attributes highlighting the unique features of a product. Furthermore, packaging designer should monitor the market for similar products and offered designs to come up with something unique, impressive, and inspirational. Finally, it is worthy to note that the products of less quality and less marketed brands can be effectively sold owing to the creative marketing and packaging.

A carbon footprint is an essential component that should be utilized on all packaging designs as it reminds buyers about CO2 emissions as well as stresses on environmental responsibility of the producers. Finally, the concept of green packaging should be promoted as far as possible as it addresses important environmental concerns to the society. Various recognizable signs utilized on packages serve as influential reminders of the producers’ eco-friendliness.