The recent continued increase in the global, populations is one of the major concerns that is affecting the society today. This has led to the emergence of various ethical standards that assist in the regulation and management of various entities in the society. This is elemental as this leads to the acquisition of the required levels of safety and a peaceful coexistence among various people with diverse cultural and social perspectives. However, the increase in the changes experienced in the social setup of the society has affected the industrial production activities which has compromised some of the quality standards that govern the production and distribution processes. The paper highlights some of the recent unethical products that compromise the safety of the consumers in the society and the relevant regulatory agencies. The healthcare entity is one of the most sensitive sectors in the society. However, it has come into serious scrutiny in the last few years regarding the observation of safety standards in regard to the production and administration of drugs. Healthcare and industrial production experts are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all the utilities that are used in the health care sector are safe and good for usage for the people. This is one of the strategies that should ensure there is safety and good progression in the acquisition of a healthy society. The use of policies and regulations from the relevant authorities is one of the undertakings that ensures that the safety standards are formulated and observed failure to which a recall can occur on the products and this may also result in a legal process.
In the CNBC news publication ‘The Dangerous World of Counterfeit Prescription Drugs,’ Paul Toscano highlights on the rising danger that is presented through the production and distribution of the fake medical utilities. The rise of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and industrial production entities is one of the factors that has led to the challenge of the increased risk in public health. This is an issues that poses a big threat to public health because it presents a big challenge to the companies, heath official and consumers of the drugs. The increase in the need for the medications in various countries across the world is one of the factors that has initiated the effective production and distribution of these drugs. Most of the countries that are victims to these counterfeit products are the developing countries. The author indicates that most of the developed countries like the United States have effective regulatory measures that assist in controlling the production and flow of sensitive medical facilities and drugs. For instance, any drug that is suspected not to meet the safety standards in the society is subjected to thorough regulatory systems and control measures for the market. This is one of the steps that has led to the recall of such drugs and the associated people and industrial entities are subjected to serous sanctions and legal actions. Tis has assisted in the restoration of and control of integrity to the industrial production of the drugs that are perceived to be safe for consumption.
There is an urgent need to put strict measures towards the regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. This is because it has created major ethical concerns in the society for the public and to the experts that handle and administer the drugs. An example of the perspectives that pose a serious danger to the industry is the fact that the people that consumers the drugs that are safe can develop serious medical complications that in other cases can lead to death. This is a typical representation of the lack of integrity to humanity for the victims. Producing drugs that are not standard for the use of the people is also unethical in the sense that the producers and the distributors do have respect to human life because the ultimate intention of the drugs threats life and the safety of the people. Therefore, I is important for the control and mitigation of this to take place.
To restore confidence and integrity to the healthcare and the production of drugs, the use of policies is an essential undertaking. For example, in the United States, there are various government agencies that has the mandate to ensure that the produced consumable products and drugs are safe and good for the consumption among the people. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are some of the entities that must be engaged in the assessment and certification of the drugs before they are circulated in the markets for the consumption of human beings. The levels of the safety of these drugs depends on the administrative engagements that can measure and assessment of the ingredients and the processes used in the production process. The Pharmaceutical Safety Institute (PSI), is also an important body in their regard because it can come up with the safety standards from comprehensive research processes.
To sum up, there is a need to have an inclusive strategy towards ensuring that ethical protocols are followed in the production of medical utilities. This can be supported by a complete cultural transformation in the society for people to see the need to safeguard others through professional conduct in the production of food substances. The reduction of the dangers associated with the counterfeit products can also be achieved through a committed effort and resources form the relevant authorities to limit the production and distribution of unsafe substances by the use of strict and actionable rules and regulations.

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