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The Hofstede Study

The Azure Sky Tea Company offers premium teas and tea blends to customers in the United States. Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world the company feels that it is now time to consider expanding into new markets. It wishes to open two new international offices....

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Cookie Production and Operation Management

The production of the cookie is based on the batch processing system. The process begins with the company receiving orders from various distributors. The number of ingredients in use are calculated and are fed into the computer system. Ingredients are sent to the mixing machine after which they are sent...

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Romeo and Juliet Production Review

I saw the play, Romeo and Juliet, at [enter location] here on [enter date here]. Romeo and Juliet is indeed a classic with classic figures, however, this production casted women in roles that would’ve typically been played by men which I liked. Therefore, the show was very lively and fluid...

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Jawbone Ruff

Jawbone Ruff is a suggested product for the Jawbone Corporation. This new technology both tracks canine activity, as well as monitors the health and wellness of dogs. While GPS tracking for dogs has been around since 2011 (Newstaff, 2014), Jawbone Ruff offers new technology that allows the consumer to incorporate...

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Apple has set continually set the standard for innovation in their products, including their latest release, the iWatch. In the past year, there have been several products released which compete with Apple’s iWatch. The Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch that offers comparable features with the highly popular iWatch. “The...

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